Design Your Destiny, today!
Design Your Destiny, today!

Stop waiting for your destiny to happen and make it happen

You know you’re meant to do… something. You feel it deep, all the way from your head, deep in your jellies, and down your toes. But FFS, do you even REALLY fully know what it is? 

And even if you do – do you know how to allow yourself to get there?

Part witchcraft. Part practical steps. Part life as story.

(And all Notion app all the time…)

move past "what SHOULD I do" to
"here's what I'm doing..." when it comes to living your Destiny!"

The Notion application is a rich, beautiful, complex, sometimes confusing – sort of like life, and your brain. 

With Notion, you can create a digital brain to help you accomplish things in your ACTUAL life, using our series of Notion templates that we’re calling your “Mythical Tome of YOU”

MAking Your dream life happen, one step at a time

Look. I don’t take “dream life” as a statement lightly. 

What I want for you: 

  • For you to know that YOU HAVE AN ACTIVE HAND IN SHAPING YOUR DESTINY (hint: your deepest desires are absolutely a part of it.) 
  • To feel confident that you’re living as aligned to “what you’re meant here to do” as possible – including deep self reflection & tools such as astrology and human design.
  • To know you’re actively taking steps (even small, baby ones!) to living out your destiny
  • To know that you don’t have to have it all figured out before going after what you’re meant for. 

Sometimes the only way to unlock the next stage is to take steps, without knowing if you’re going the “right” direction.

By traveling down *a* path, you’re unlocking multiple paths that all lead towards the bigger picture of “what you’re here to do” on YOUR path.

Why Notion? Why Neuroscience? Why witchcraft?

I’m AuDHD and I’ve found that my “emergent” sense of time (as defined by Divergent Design studios) works best by having a digital home base to return to for ALL my grand plans, ideas, my resources, my projects, and more. 

As a life long witch, I’ve had an extra scoop of “self development” and introspection for many years as part of my spiritual journey. 

While astrology, tarot, and spellcraft aren’t NECESSARY to call yourself a witch, I’ve found that these tools go hand in hand with my personal devotion to self & spiritual experimentation: I would rather f*ck around and find out (within reason) than just sit and hope something will happen. 

I’ve always found that I’ve held my destiny and path in my own hands. 

Learning about life coaching techniques & “learning how to learn” techniques lead me to neuralplasticity… Aka “how to work with your neural brain grooves in order to enact change.” (Now, I’m adding somatic practices into the mix – I’m ALL about the experimenting!)

I want to teach you how to experiment, stop fearing failure and instead see yourself running tests in your life to determine HOW to actually make a life that works for YOU.

And… I want to help you create a home base that will store all of this and SO MUCH MORE as you discover yourself and your destiny. 

who am I to be teaching you all of this?

Back in 2016, I got the feeling I was meant to be doing more than what my current life. Cue the Broadway “I want” song of yearning (maybe a little bit of Belle singing “I want mooooore.”)

Since I grew up witchy, I knew what I had to do – I was already following the what the breadcrumbs of little “clues” in my life meant.

Did I have to follow the breadcrumbs? No. Does following the breadcrumbs make life a helluvalot more interesting by following an element of storytelling to live out my life? Sure does.

Following my name meaning, my astrology information, my numerology, my Human Design – I was on my way to understanding what I was MEANT to do here on earth.

 I call these things your “Breadcrumbs of Destiny.”

As I looked at the clues left for me in my own “Breadcrumbs of Destiny,” I realized something: 

It was stuff I had desired to do all along. 

But more than that, that my current life, every single forward, every misstep, everything in between was actually laying out exactly what I needed as the perfect spring board to dive into the depths of my destiny.

Now I’m doing just that. (Part of that path is this course, among many other things. 👀)

BTW, hi, I’m Cherry, and I’m building a realm of magickal media: The things I create are a part of me living out all the stuff that I uncovered by studying my “Breadcrumbs of Destiny.” 

The important question: am I living out my “dream life?” – I can say in all honesty, yeah, I am. 

I’m taking steps towards my first musical album, I’ve built a beautiful brand I’m proud of that represents “me”, and I’m actively moving towards my BIG goals (and marking progress towards them using Notion.)

Every day I am taking steps towards my goals and that’s me ACTIVELY living out my “dream life.” 

It’s less about vision boards and “stuff for stuff’s sake” and more about what’s important: What impact do I dream of making? 

Am I actually going after my dreams & the impact I wish to create, instead of letting it sit in a nebulous future? F*ck YES I am.

I can safely say I have aligned my desires with my destiny, and I’m doing this ONLY because of the combination of methods I’m teaching you in this program.

what is "Witch Your WAy with Notion"

Witch Your Way (with Notion) is my beta-program that’s currently that I’m currently beta-ing with live students who got a huge discount on the final product (that goes for you too: you get mega savings for participating early as I build this epic destiny-fulfilling program.) 

The goal: a way forward on the life you WANT to live, by creating a storage system for your brain (both mundane bits, magickal bits, and more bits) that you can constantly refer to & add things to. 


This works two fold: It helps you start to empty your brain out of ALL THE THINGS so you can start curating your best ideas & implementing systems that you curate to YOUR unique brain.

Annnnnd – it helps you store all your magickal information about yourself. Researching your destiny can be serious business (and frolicking fun and everything in-between) – and having a permanent reference home lets you put the pieces together in new ways that help you cultivate deeper understanding.


If you decide to undertake the deep esoteric research into how you tick – it’s worth having a system to store and curate your research into. Not only will it help you know your magickal self deeper, but you won’t have the permanent 500 tabs open EVERYWHERE trying to figure this stuff out.

You’ll learn the Notion-y bits, you’ll get REAL deep into the magickal bits, and we’ll even dive into “making more systems” bits  in this program

The goal is that you’re able to start curating your FAVORITE life, using Notion. 

ThIs course has everythinggg...

Seriously – this course is a curated playlist of practical & magickal education – all the pieces are meant to work together to unlock your unique magick so you can take actionable steps to live out your DREAM life.

Instant Access to these SEVEN mini-courses (and their digital merit badges!) 

  •  Notion Nuts & Bolts 

  •  Your Witchypedia 

  •  The Magick Glasses 

  •  Get Your Sparkle Together 

  •  Breadcrumbs of Destiny 

  •  Astrology: Reality Show of You 

  •  Clever Cardslingin’ 

And their respective Notion templates, printables, meditations, and other goodies!

And these additional courses as they drop into our school of magick:

  •  Spectacular Spellcrafting 

  •  Putting Your Unique Magick Together 

  •  Basic Witch Human Design 

  •  Technomancy 

And their respective Notion templates, printables, meditations, and other goodies!

And access to two Facebook groups, one exclusive to our Sparkly community and one exclusive to this course!

Witch Your Way with Notion

The Beta-Experience

This course, when all is said and done, will be sold for $333. I’m offering 60% off the price tag because I’m building something that gets results.

You’re getting this life changing experience for $127 while I build the beta edition out. My way of saying “thank you for rolling with this beautiful awesome life changing experience!”

This beta requires experimentation, it requires you working through and completing the materials, and upgrades, facelifts, and more to ensure that you’re able to get results in this program.

I have to have testers who are working through the material to determine what we need to ensure them getting results, so by working through this extremely valuable material, you’re saving 60% on the final price as I upgrade the systems to make it an even better course, and I hope you join us for the ride. 

Let's look at what's inside...

An In-Depth Look at the Beta-Experience Materials

Mythical Tome of YOU (Notion Templates: Dashboards & Databases)

All the Notion templates you’ll be getting will be stored in this Mythical Tome of YOU template that you can copy over to your Notion account.

Notion Nuts & Bolts

Excited to dig into this world of Witchery but not super clear on how Notion works and want a great foundational course? I got ya covered. Instead of watching hours upon hours of YouTube tutorials, this quick start guide will get you up and going with everything you need to know for Notion.

Includes the My Dashboard Notion Template (find out more in the Notion Templates section.)

The Witchypedia Course

This course is about to go through a facelift & be re-built into our “Merit Badges” system of learning. Welcome to beta-life. 😂

As you go through the Witch Your Way courses, the Witchypedia template will be your main home for digging in your unique systems of magick, and this course will teach you how to use the tempalte.

Includes the My Witchypedia Notion Template (find out more in the Notion Templates section.)

Magick 101: The Magick Glasses

Think of this as a sort of babelfish-inspired piece of magickal “equipment” that will help you play around with deep levels of magick while double dutching with skepticism.

This framework of a way of understanding the wide spiritual world without having to get to dogmatic about ANY sort of spiritual system.

Part chaos magick, part manifestation ideas, part “here’s how ya brain works” – all combined into the “Magick Glasses Method.”

This will help you start to dive DEEP into your magickal workings without having to get into the nitty gritty of every single specific system out there, and let you develop your own systems.

Get Your Sparkle Together

What’s the point of magick if your 3D reality is going to end up sucking? While I love playing with the manifestation ideas of just my inner imaginational workings, knowing HOW big everything in my Thinkspace is, I need an external place for all of that.

This course will help you dig deeper into the concepts of a “Second Brain” (a concept originally by Tiago Forte and a look at how I use these ideas), and some of the ways I’ve organized the things I want to accomplish in life, including the birds-eye-view gamified system that I built into the Epic Life Quest template.

Includes the My Epic Life Quest Notion Template (find out more in the Notion Templates section.)

Your Breadcrumbs of Destiny

It’s one thing to start to brain dump all your biggest life goals and bucket list items and see what you’re really about. It’s another to start playing around with the “breadcrumbs” of what your numerology, your name meaning, and other such things – have been telling you to go after your entire life.

Includes the Your Numerology Guidebook! Printable (find out more in the Printables & More section.)

astrology: REality Show Of you

This is a quick and dirty guide to understanding your astrology & what’s going on in the night sky at any given moment, all broken down into the major pieces of a reality show house with a wacky cast of characters.

Includes the Your Numerology Guidebook! Printable (find out more in the Printables & More section.)

Includes the Your Pinball Astrology Canva Template (find out more in the Printables & More section.)

Clever Cardslingin'

This is years of tarot & oracle card reading experience (including professional readings & events) boiled down into a single course to give you ways to instantly interpret any tarot or oracle card that you come across.

 Yes, absolutely great to memorize the cards. Also amazing to just use intuitive methods. But the real power is in mixing both of the methods to gain deeper, faster, and more meaningful to you insights.

Includes the My Clever Cardslingin’ Exercises Notion Database (find out more in the Notion Templates section.)

Includes the Tarot This Journal! Printable (find out more in the Printables & More section.)

Includes the Ten Minute Tarot Meditation (find out more in the Printables & More section.)

Coming soon: More courses, More Templates, more magick!

Spectacular Spell Crafting course: This course breaks down spell crafting in a simplified way. Taking everything you’ve learned so far from all the previous courses, and we’ll show you how to weave all this information together to make any kind of magick you want to.

Putting Your Magicks Together course: Next step, creating magick that’s really emphasizing your natural abilities based on everything you’ve learned, and putting together systems within the magickal realms that work for you.

Basic Witch Human Design course: Learn how to interpret your Human Design chart, how to research to get more information, what the most useful things to know are, and how to start experimenting with your Human Design information!

Technomancy course: While you’ve already been learning all the different ways to infuse your magick with technology thanks to what you’ve discovered through your Witchypedia template, let’s take things a step further with how to incorporate the latest tech (including things like AI!) into making more magick.

Notion Templates & Databases

My Dashboard Template!

This super sleek, skeletal “everything you need and nothing you don’t” template is what I build many of my best templates out of (including the Witchypedia template, business dashboards, household management, and more.) 

Instead of spending all the time slowly building out and connecting everything to each other, I’ve done it for you so you can get up and going, and then start customizing your personal systems for building your best life. (Featured in Notion Nuts & Bolts AND Get Your Sparkle Together)

My Witchypedia Template!

The ultimate Book of Shadows Grimoire Witches Journal *DIGITAL WITCH BRAIN* template that will help you spot your own patterns of magick much deeper

This robust template has a built in grimoire, magickal library, spots to store ALL of your digital witch brain and take a good look at your magick. 

(Learn how to rock this *ROBUST* template in the Witchypedia course, yes it’s that kinda template.)

The “Epic Life Quest” Notion Template (Gamified!)

This Notion template takes the concept of a “Gamified Life” and turns it into an easy-to-follow, level-up system template. You’ll assign points to your BIG HOLYSH*T dreams, goals, bucket list items, etc. – and every 100 points, you level up. That’s it. You’ll create a character for yourself, you’ll organize your “quests” – and you’ll start to see tangible progress of WHAT YOU ACTUALLY WANT OUT OF LIFE. 

The "Clever Cardslingin' Exercises" Database

A Notion database of 15+ additional tarot/oracle card exercises. This unique blend of tried and tested exercises will help you get to know your card decks on a much more intimate level. 

The "Magick Toolbelt" Database

A Notion database of my favorite exercises & resources for how to dig into them (such as emotion codes, EFT, somatic techniques) and my favorite teachers on the subjects to follow! Consider this your superhero toolbelt to help you go after your destiny.

Bonuses: Printables & More

Your Numerology Guidebook! Printable

 Your numerology is one piece of the puzzle of “what you’re here to do while you’re in this corporeal form” – so you’re gonna get an easy to follow handbook for doing the math needed to find out ALL the different parts of your numerology destiny.

Your Pinball Astrology Canva Template

 Laying out your astrology in this template (inspired by Anna Ortelee’s Pinball Astrology method) will show you your underlying life cycle that you’re ALWAYS going through, and show you what additional things are currently weighing in on your life based on the current astrological moments

Your Astrology Guidebook! Printable

 Your astrology is another BIG piece of the puzzle of “what you’re here to do while you’re in this corporeal form.”  This easy to follow handbook helps you learn your astrology basics by letting you combine keywords to start understanding all the goings-on in your natal chart! 

Ten Minute Tarot Meditation MP3

 The “Ten Minute Tarot” meditation applies the “Instantly Interpret Tarot” method: a guided visual journey into the card. Even if you’ve never read the card before, you’re going to get something out of your subconscious using this method & meditation!

Tarot This Journal! Printable

Get to know your cards on a whole new level. Instead of typical spreads, this printable is dedicate to getting you to see your cards from the view points of colors, symbols, talking to the cards and asking them questions, and more.

The Merit Badge System

A lighthearted approach to ensuring you make more magick in the program: The Merit Badge system is a unique way of engaging yourself when it comes to making sure you finish the materials. 

Just like any good Scouting program, you earn a merit badge (or more!) for each of the courses you complete inside of Witch Your Way. 

How do you earn them? By watching videos, and more importantly – completing actionable activities inside our courses over at the Sparklemore School of Magick* (see below to learn about the school.)

Each course comes with at least one printable activity sheet (or more) along with the ability to check off each activity as you complete them. 

When you’re done, just check off the button that you’ve completed the activities and you’ll get delivered your merit badge! 

Sparklemore School of Magick

So – how does this program actually work? Where do you access it? 

That’d be the Sparklemore School of Magick  – our course platform that lets us provide the Merit Badge system of learning. 

This unique home of magick will be where all your courses live, and you’ll be able to access them, 24/7, and complete the course on your own time after you’ve purchased.

The moment you click that “purchase” button on the order form, you’ll get two emails delivered: A welcome email from me, and a welcome email from Sparklemore – including the magick key to unlock the gates to Sparklemore and let you in, all sent to your inbox.

From there, you’ll be able to join the bonus Facebook groups, watch the videos, check of activities, get your badges delivered, and witch YOUR way! 

Bonus Facebook Groups!

You’ll get access to TWO Facebook groups.. 

The first is the exclusive Witch Your Way with Notion facebook group, only for people who’ve purchased this program – this is where we’ll troubleshoot & have office hours to help you make the map to your destiny (and start walking down it!)

The second is our home to everyone who’s helped support our magick so far – the Sparkle More Scouts, meet other people making magick, and join our fun events!


Instant Access to these SEVEN mini-courses (and their digital merit badges!) 

  •  Notion Nuts & Bolts 

  •  Your Witchypedia 

  •  The Magick Glasses 

  •  Get Your Sparkle Together 

  •  Breadcrumbs of Destiny 

  •  Astrology: Reality Show of You 

  •  Clever Cardslingin’ 

And their respective Notion templates, printables, meditations, and other goodies!

And these additional courses as they drop into our school of magick:

  •  Spectacular Spellcrafting 

  •  Putting Your Unique Magick Together 

  •  Basic Witch Human Design 

  •  Technomancy 

And their respective Notion templates, printables, meditations, and other goodies!

And access to two Facebook groups, one exclusive to our Sparkly community and one exclusive to this course!

Who is this course for?

Are you a good fit for this experience?

The reason I made this is because I wanted to condense my research from 2016 to 2023 (a whole 7 year cellular cycle!) of: 

  • “Getting my sh*t together”
  • “Learning WTF I was meant to do while on earth”
  • “okay how can I actually MEASURE that I’m making progress to living my FAVORITE life.”

You? You're probably wondering one, or all of the following:

  • What the frick all is my destiny EVEN, how would I even go about discovering that, how do I KNOW this is what it is?
  • How the frick would I even GO after that destiny, even if I know it! It feels SO big, so unwieldy. How do I allow myself to even start to begin to know what the overall plan is on the long term, and how to get down into the nitty gritty to get there as well?
  • Honestly regardless of whether I know my destiny or not, how the frick do I get my f*ckin’ sh*t together so I can get to the extra awesome parts of “destiny designing.”

unlocking your destiny

I hope to, with the best of my ability, answer the above questions in Witch Your Way with Notion (and if you’re all 3 of the above questions, you need this program like YESTERDAY.)

Using magickal tools like astrology, numerology, and other “Breadcrumbs of Destiny” – you’ll unlock (and then design) your destiny. 

Bonus: It probably starts to correspond to some of your deepest desires that have been gnawing away at you for some time. Now you’ve just got the proof. 😉

Combine that with practical applications such as:

  • Gamifying your life story using our RPG Notion board to literally level up on your bucket list dreams & big life goals
  • Creating respective homes for all your creative ideas you want to implement (and a system for how to actually work through them!)
  • Having a repository for “everything else” (and permission to archive it if your AuDHD ass got overwhelmed, you can always dig it up later.)

And with that? Now you’re starting to get a flavor for the potent mix that you can ONLY get with “Witch Your Way with Notion.” 

If you know mixing your witchcraft, life craft, and the Notion application (especially as it relates to going after your destiny & life purpose) is for you, we’d love to have you come join us for this beta-experience.

What do you want to make happen in your life

One-size doesn't fit all lives

Look – do I think any ONE thing is the end-all-be-all solution to things? Hell to the frick no. My entire life is a combination of a lot of different ideas, and this course isn’t going to shake a magick-8 ball at you and tell you your path & destiny in a nice, clean ten word sentence. 

This is a course true to my Virgo sun & Midheaven – a course about systems. Using practical systems like Notion & turning your life into a story-like game, AND combining that with magickal systems: This is how you can start to unlock deeper facets of what you’re here to blossom into in this life. 

Through this beta-experience, you'll learn:

  • Why not everyone is meant to have a SPECIFIC purpose, but you can still know how you FUNCTION so you can decondition from that (hi there, open-G-centers!* [*a concept from Human Design, and one of our upcoming beta-courses, and fancy that: human design is a system.]
  • How often your desires are aligned with your destiny (by using the power of astrology to start understanding more of your road map – and astrology is one big ol’ system.)
  • How to use things like tarot & oracle cards to unlock deeper aspects of communicating with yourself & reading for others (and tarot is – what’s that word – SYSTEM! Yet another system!) 

All while using the most useful tool for organizing your personal multiverse of systems – NOTION!

"The RoadMap" - Check out what's Being worked on

Embracing my AuDHD and coming to a place of building a business that not only (magickally speaking) wants to be created through me AND understanding the limitations of my disability, I’ve opted-out of of “things will be done by XYZ” time.

Instead, I have to work with this disability – and I’ve created a Road Map that you can check on Notion of the additional items that will be created through this beta (though they’re allowed to change/tweaked/etc if I think it’s a better fit for the course. Aka I’m allowing myself the flexibility in my systems cause I also want YOU to learn to be flexible with yourself and your abilities, too. Teach by doing, amirite?)

The only thing you should know is that as these items get marked off, and the program evolves to it’s final form – the beta price will eventually go away and it will go up to $333, if not more.

I do my best to ensure a space of time before the price hikes to upgrade. BUT…

This program will be steadily increasing in price, so it is a better idea to join sooner than later – yes there will be a few “under construction” signs along the way, but you’ll get to be part of an experience (and a little community) of people all working together as we start to go after our lives Great Works.

Stepping into your purpose & Destiny

Moving forward is one thing – having proof that you’re moving forward and a system to help you continue to move forward – that’s where the good stuff is. 

Where you’re at right now: you’re ready to make your life better, step by step. You know this is a jumpstart to helping you live out the best of your life, even if it’s just by taking small steps to start creating magick. 

You know that mixing magickal steps (like learning how to cast spells, how to read tarot/oracle cards, how to read your natal chart)…

With practical steps (like using Notion to keep track of your goals & magickal information) will help you unlock your highest destiny.

Aka, the destiny that you’re DESIGNING and taking steps to live out… NOT the one that you’re spending with your “I want more” song stuck on a loop in the background.


If you’re ready to take actionable steps towards discovering & walking down your destiny, grab Witch Your Way, we’d love to have you participate in this Beta-Experience.


What's the deal on refunds?

As this is a digital experience, you’ll also be getting a copy of all the templates, printables, and more for your own uses that are all together worth more than the beta-price, and aren’t returnable due to the nature of the digital format – therefore, for this beta-experience, there are no returns.

How can I GUARANTEE this will work?

While in life there are no guarantees – my goal is small but mighty: you’ll have a system to collect the actionable steps that are ACTIVELY getting you closer to your goals, both your regular desires & things you’ll unlock within yourself as you learn from these courses. 

You’ll get out what you put in – if you follow the material, start working with your “external brain” in Notion, see your desires laid out, see your “Breadcrumbs of Destiny” laid out – and combine the both with healing tools meant to help you get “unstuck” – you’re going to be taking steps forward JUST by completing the course materials alone, let alone what else you unlock along the way. 

How does this work?

By taking study-at-your-pace courses, activities, & earning merit badges over at Sparklemore, our School of Magick you’ll learn systems to improving your life, both practical and magickal.

The practical systems (like Notion & goal setting by-way of gamification, and other organizational set ups) and magickal systems (like astrology, tarot, and spellcrafting) are there to help you live out your best life, by designing your destiny through a combination of your desires interwoven with your “Breadcrumbs of Destiny” data you’ll learn in the course.

Do I HAVE to know Notion to take this course?

Nope, even if you’re a Notion newbie, you’ll learn how to use Notion throughout the course. 

Your main point of reference will be the Notion Nuts & Bolts course, but you’ll learn the other Notion templates throughout the course work you’ll be taking. 

Do I HAVE to use Notion at all?

This course is pretty Notion-centric for a reason – it’s a great “all purpose” home for everything you need as you create your digital brain for exploring your desires & “Breadcrumbs of Destiny.”   If you really want the rest of the course material, I’m not gonna stop you, but you will get a lot more by working with Notion within this program.

Why are printables in such a notion heavy course? Can I just put the info into notion?

Mixing method helps you learn deeper.

Stuff such as writing by hand works your brain in a different way than typing.  Not all courses will include a printable – but you can use them in multiple ways. 

You can just enter the information into your Notion directly if you know that works for you. 

You can print & fill out – then scan in and store in Notion (if you like to get rid of paper clutter.) You can fill out on your iPad with Good Notes & export PDFs to your Notion. 

Or just fill them out, and pluck the best information to store in your Notion Mythical Tome of YOU.

What happens once I purchase?

You get two emails – one from me and one from Sparklemore, our School of Magick.

From there, you’ll have a “magick key” from Sparklemore’s email that will get you past the front gates & into the school. From there, you can start learning how to Witch Your Way (with Notion!)

Okay, but what is my purpose?

In short: To live, purposefully. At least, that’s where I’ve landed after much research. Chew on it, and let me know what you think. 

Now you know that – what do you desire to go after in your life? 

Don’t know that? Then you definitely need to check your “Breadcrumbs of Destiny” inside the Witch Your Way with Notion program to uncover what your “map” is telling you to go.

Instant Access to these SEVEN mini-courses (and their digital merit badges!) 

  •  Notion Nuts & Bolts 

  •  Your Witchypedia 

  •  The Magick Glasses 

  •  Get Your Sparkle Together 

  •  Breadcrumbs of Destiny 

  •  Astrology: Reality Show of You 

  •  Clever Cardslingin’ 

And their respective Notion templates, printables, meditations, and other goodies!

And these additional courses as they drop into our school of magick:

  •  Spectacular Spellcrafting 

  •  Putting Your Unique Magick Together 

  •  Basic Witch Human Design 

  •  Technomancy 

And their respective Notion templates, printables, meditations, and other goodies!

And access to two Facebook groups, one exclusive to our Sparkly community and one exclusive to this course!

Wanna know more about me & my work? Go to to find out more.

Made with 💖 and ☕in Joshua Tree, California.

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