The World Needs Witches

Cherry Godmother cartoon pointing to the phrase "the world needs witches"

Here’s the deal, and I’ll shout it from the rooftop:

The world needs witches!!! 

Let’s face it – the world outside of your brain – can kind of suck, can’t it?

There’s a lot of injustice and a lot of way the world can be better.

TBH, the world inside of your brain can suck to if you don’t have a well managed mind, but read on intrepid Magick Wilderness Ranger…

As a witch – at a certain point, you can only do so many successful spells before realizing that reality doesn’t work like it says on the tin, so what gives?

That’s honestly why I think the world needs more witches. Who know that reality doesn’t quite work by the rules we were given.

More witches fully in their magick – doing reality bending things – especially witches who have been given the fuzzy end of the lollipop when it comes to systemic injustice.

We NEED people who’ve been told “you can’t ever have power” to realize “the power is in you all along.”

Shoot those good vibes into the universe dammit and let’s make magick! 

We need more weird. And more wyrd.

More witches and bitches, crones and hags, queers as peers and neurodivergents questioning all sorts of status quos. 

Why is this is important to me?

Well. This IS me.

I’m that weird, pansexually queer (and here) neurodivergent-of-some-flavor who will one day be a crone (though I intend to be ENTIRELY Elvira-Dolly-Parton-Levels of FABULOUS while being so.) 

Because of all this weird and wyrd, I say “No” to the status quo that says there’s not enough for everyone to thrive and live a beautiful existence.

I say “Yes!” to the fact that MAGICK EXISTS and that – with the right mental frame work, one can use these skills to change their internal world, and change the external world. 

The microcosm reflects the macrocosm.

Changing one small internal microcosm world – your own – can lead to changing the macrocosm world. 

We COULD wait for the world to completely change 100% into our personal unique vision of “this is how the perfect Earth would function” and THEN allow ourselves a morsel, sliver of contentment or dare I say, happiness. 

Or… we could just, yanno…. be content, be happy now, and use that happiness and our own insistence upon CREATING our own thriving to buck the system. 

We could work together with many magick wands to deliberately decide (and desgin) a kind of world that helps the MOST people thrive, for those who want to help do that sort of thing.

(And it’s 100% okay if the only person you help thrive is you. You deserve to flourish, and tbh: that’s kind of why I teach this stuff, yanno?)

When you start making magick – and start getting RESULTS from your magick, you realize that it’s a LOT easier to create happy now, especially in your brain (oh how to delightfully enjoy a dopamine rush from a good imagination high).

That’s not to spiritually bypass and say “just think your way out of the world’s shit.”

There’s stuff like “nervous system regulation” and “understanding WHY your brain is doing what it’s doing from a baseline ‘here’s the operating manual'” and “okay so you had trauma, now what?” type stuff to deal with. 

There ARE underlying theories to magick (and stuff that neuroscience gets you about like, 85-90% of the way there to anyway) – that your thoughts create your reality.

At least, your slice and personal perception of reality based on JUST neuroscience alone.

The deeper end – well that’s where the wyrd and weird lives.

Depending on how murky you want to get in order to find pearls – the REAL fucking wyrd and weird.

Here’s the thing!!!!  Here’s the thing – hereeeee is the thinggggg… 

If you FULLY flip that “Inception top” inside your head, the one that says “I exert influence over my reality 100% of the time” versus “Reality exerts influence over me 100% of the time…”

You can start to see RAPID life changes.

I’ve experienced it myself, because I love getting results that WORK, not results based in fluffy belief systems.

Flipping the top that you’ve thought was supposed to spin one way, and purposefully decide to spin it the other way, is worthwhile work if you want to bend your reality much more efficiently

Even if it’s just a small flip (and acceptance) of “I exert influence over my slice of perception of reality…. and it might take a lot of retraining my neural brain grooves and starting to heal my nervous system…. and just a salt bae dash of hope to start to realize that I can make things happen.

IT’S A START, and that’s all you need.

Walking to Mordor didn’t start with the Eagles flying the ring and dropping it in, much to many movie critic’s chagrin – it started with Frodo and Sam taking steps – until the got one step past where they’ve previously been, into the unknown. 

But when you start to take this road – then where does it go? 

When you get ONE spell to work, and you realize that – oh – you can get results by casting spells….

Then what’s stopping you from casting MORE spells and completely shaping your life exactly how you want it? 

And let’s take it a step further.

Imagine the injustices of the world, and long term changes that could be made if a new generation of witches truly believed that they exerted influence over their reality, could cast spells that worked, and could start to believe in themselves, their friends, their community.

Imagine more people believing, hoping, using that little slice of “magick” and “perception of reality” to play the LONG game  – how many people can we help THRIVE, to such a point we get to that epic Star Trek replicator technology life. (Which tbh, #goals.)

It’s HARD to help a community or local eco system or business to thrive – if you’re not thriving yourself.

And it’s REALLY to get witchy and cast spells and start to DO these things if – well – you’re exhausted from inability to thrive. 

It’s a fucking catch-22 that can honestly – really suck.

So – something has gotta give – and the thing you have the MOST DIRECT INSTANT CONTROL OF is that ittttttttty bitty “Inception” top inside your brain – to really remarkably change your world – is to flip that switch that says:

“Do I exert influence over my reality” or “does reality exert influence over me.”

If you can even just NUDGE your way there with “well, neuroscience says that my brain forms well-worn ‘desire paths’ that are caused by my predominant thoughts (most of which have been ‘pre-installed’ by society, but I can ‘uninstall’ those ones and ‘upload’ new ones of my choosing)…

“Aaaaannnnnd that will cause my reticular activating system (my brain’s “google search” function) to decide what information to filter in and out, as it’s trying to do a really heckin’ good job of keeping me alive but we gotta reprogram it to be USEFUL and help me live the life I want and not the auto-pilot-of-trauma-life…” 

Just – these itty bitty nudges, these steps – are what will help you step back into the fact that – you’re fucking magickal!

How fucking cool is that?!  

Now look – I’m a “Mulder” in a world of Scully’s when it comes to my research into the deep end of the Magickal Wilderness, my Magickal Wilderness Rangers – as in, “I WANT TO BELIEVE”

Okay this phrase but less calm hopeful and more like Doc Brown running up to you shaking you by the shoulders shouting “KID WE GOTTA GO BACK TO THE FUTURE” levels of wanting to believe

I want to believe the WEIRD AF shit, I want to believe the “okay I know technically science says this SHOULDN’T work but it does – why IS that…” shit 

I want to believe the “CAN we actually heal our body through our brains and spirituality (and can we avoid the weird shitty victim-blamey shit that blames and shames people and focus on *progress* of how to make these things work for the most people without saying it’s people’s fault for not trying hard enough, cause /fuck that/.)” 

I abso-fucking-lutely WANT TO BELIEVE that maybe, JUST MAYBE, (and maybe I want to HOPE) that some day we’ll slowly push the needle to *how far* can we push these wyrd and weird magickal things and – I dunno. Maybe X-Men powers? Who knows. I want to believe, though.

Like – are these things 10000% the “capital-T” truth currently true on this plane of reality at this point in the linear timeline? 

I’m still researching into that. (And experimenting with what works for me. And I encourage you to embrace a healthy love of the experiment as you wade deeper into the Magickal Wilderness.) 

Researching the deep end of the spiritual pool is useful, but let’s face it – it’s REAL fucking murky there.

There’s a lot of amazing cool shit, but there’s also a lot of bullshittery.

A looooooooooooot of bullshittery.

If I’m gonna give you info, I want to have experienced it myself or someone close to me that I trust, not just some internet BS. 

Personally – I think I’m finding new information every day that suggests – Yes! Things weird and wyrd ARE possible.

BUT – saying “well you’re just not trying hard enough and it’s your fault that you’re where you’re at” is *not fucking helping anyone.*


Okay, what a fucking bomb way to reclaim our power and build, Minecraft style (Sims style?) the world that we want.

And as a reminder, if you just wanna help you thrive… PLEASE FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY, DO SO. 


So here’s the thing: 

If you’re a witch:  I need you to really be able to COMPLETELY turn that magick up to a Spinal Tap 11! This is how the world shifts, understanding how to REALLY bend reality and shape it – even if it’s just shaping your own perception. 

If you’re on the fence about being a witch, dipping an itty bitty toe in: we NEED you to take a cannon ball dive into the deep end and check it out and see if it’s for you – because the world needs you in your power, in your magick, in your witchy ways. 

If you’ve never thought about being a witch: Well – today’s the day to think about it.

What if shifting your reality was hidden underneath all of your life’s past bullshit, but now you get to SHINE baby, SHINE.

What if you could shape your reality. 

What if you could start with just ONE spell that WORKS. 

What if, you cast more and more spells that work. 

What happens when you start to REGULARLY see your spells work – what would you think of your slice of reality and how bendable it really is. 

And what would you want to change about your world.

What would you want to change about THE world.

What if you had SO much more fucking magick than you ever thought possible. 

What if the world is just WAITING for you to tap into it and start shifting things.

What if you’re meant to thrive, because as you thrive, you can take that and help other people thrive as well, and we ALL climb out of the mud, together? 

I think you’re really fucking magickal, I truly do.

I think all people are magickal, especially once they “flip” that “Inception top” (and that’s why I do the work I do, to help you flip that top quicker.)


I think you can really freakin’ rock this shit out and even if it’s just helping ONLY YOU thrive – that’s a start.

You deserve to thrive, not just survive.

You know you’re meant to do… something. You feel it deep, all the way from your head, deep in your jellies, and down your toes. But FFS, do you even REALLY fully know what it is?

Stop waiting for your destiny to happen, and MAKE it happen.  Click here to learn more!

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