How Learning Tarot & Astrology supercharges your witchcraft

How Tarot and Astrology Supercharges Your Magick

The way I like to teach magick isn’t focused on one super-old-traditional-system-that-goes-deeply-years-back. 

It’s based on the more recent “chaos magick,” and as of lately I’m testing out this “Law of Assumption” as the Grand Unified Magick Theory .

Honestly these are the magick vibes I’m going for – mad magickal scientist, testing out things that get you RESULTS.

With both types of mystical methods (and neuroscience) – the rabbit hole isn’t just “your thoughts create [your slice] of reality” – it’s also about *how deep* do you want to take that idea. 

Do you want to go with the neuralplasticity + reticular activating system based in neuroscience of “the thoughts you auto-loop will eventually ping your RAS to filter your reality to display the thing you think about” version?

Do you want the “you’re quantum leaping your consciousness to one of the infinities and realities and dimensions where you get exactly the thing you want?” version? 

Do you want the “you’re the infinite & the nothing, the chaos & the void, superpositioned as existence and you’re basically that superpositioned chaos/void experiencing life through your particular POV” version? 

To be honest, I don’t give a shit WHAT way GETS you on board to dip your toes into the idea, it’s more about TESTING and seeing WHAT gets you the THING you want.

I want you get results, not a set of dogmatic beliefs that you later beat yourself up over.

I want you to see how fucking powerful you are and the moment you start to get spells and manifesting methods that WORK for you and you see the magick in your life working, it fucking changes you to realize HOW MUCH YOU CAN ACTUAL BEND REALITY AND CHANGE *YOUR* WORLD. 

(And if you’re down, bend reality and change *the* world.)

Tarot + Astro + Spellcrafting 

With tarot (and oracle cards) – it’s not JUST about the official definitions of the cards. [GASP.]

The way I like to teach how to “Instantly Interpret Tarot” isn’t just “memorize all these VERY SPECIFIC DEFINITIONS OR BE DOOMED FOREVER.” 


The official on-the-tin definition of the tarot cards and the keywords are AMAZING – but they’re not the ONLY thing that goes into a tarot or oracle card interpretation. 

The official meanings are *useful* as a common-language – BUT – the cards are a mirror of your inner world and the intuition that already exists within you. 

The “your [slice] reality is a mirror of your mind” rabbit hole goes deeper, but tarot and oracle cards are an amazing start.

The intuition that is already existing within you – is REALLY easy to access through understanding your personal symbolism. 

If you go to the “official” tarot meaning of the meaning of mountains, you’ll usually find “challenges & overcoming those challenges” (aka climbing and conquering the mountain.) 

If you grew UP living on a mountain – you might ALSO associate mountains with “home.” (Awww.) 

So – if you’re doing a reading for another person – and you overthink-and-struggle-because-you-see “well the official definition for this mountain is challenges” – but your intuitive HIT is “this has to do with their home” – you need to listen to your intuition, it’s literally trying to talk to you. Ring ring, will you pick up the phone? 

Annnnnnnnd guess what spells are built on? Your symbolic understanding of the larger theme as they relate to the ingredients you’re building a spell on. 😁

Now: When do you want to CAST those spells? 

Okay, low key before we dig in: you can literally cast any spell whenever the fuck you want, because baseline – “your thoughts create reality” or “your thoughts create [your slice] of reality” – and THIS APPLIES TO ANY AND ALL SPELLS.

(Aka – if you want to cast it at the “wrong time” – go with it. You’re creating your slice of reality – enjoy the fuck out of it.)

But: since we’ve already got these cool “things” in place that have been unconsciously influencing you this entire time – you can still toss things like astrology into the mix to see if it helps you get the results you want, faster or more efficiently

At a baseline with astrology: the New Moon and Full Moon are in a specific sign each astrological season.

If you follow the New and Full Moon to cast spells – you’ll eventually go through all the major areas of life.

Getting nitty-grittier: if you know how your natal chart works, you can track how the moon is affecting you in a particular realm of life, and SPECIFICALLY cast spells for that area.

Plus, same deal as before: if you follow the New and Full moon to cast spells, you’ll eventually go through ALL major areas of your slice oflife.

Getting nittiest-grittiest: if you deeply understand how the planets are transiting your natal chart as it relates to the areas in your life, long term and short term, AT the same time as the New & Full moons, you can craft spells that are even MORE specific and have the extra boost of the astrological energy in the sky. 

This being said: I still REGULARLY just make spells on the fly. 

Of course, as I’m recently learning – I’m REALLY good at feeling patterns, leading to me naturally “feeling” the astrological patterns, plus I have a well worn thought that I’m really fuh-reaking-magickal.

And what makes crafting spells on the fly SO much easier is the Witchypedia template’s “Fills-Itself-Out” grimoire feature.

This is just one small section of the Witchypedia template, but it’s one of my fave sections.

The “Fills Itself Out” Grimoire

What exactly do I mean with it? Is it pre-filled out? Do I lift-NO-fingers and it’s just automagickly completely done? 

Well – not quite. BUT ALMOST. 

I’ve been doing this witch thing for years, and because of my various “Some-flavor-of-neurodivergent-nature,” – I was NOT going to ever manage a pristine, beautiful, 100% amazingly gorgeous ancient grimoire passed down from generations forever.

(At least, not BEFORE the Witchypedia template.) 

This template is years of “how to make the best digital Book of Shadows” research.

Ever since I realized I could DO a digital Book of Shadows, I’ve been finding way to optimize the experience – and the most USEFUL feature I’ve found, in the ENTIRE TIME DOING THIS – is the “relational databases” feature of the app Notion – (aka the app I built the template on.) 

Relational databases – okay, I know that sounds “snooze city” – but honestly – this is where the magick of the Witchypedia template lives.

When you add an entry to one part of your Grimoire – it automagickly updates the corresponding section


Let’s look at that visually… 

Above is the Witchypedia entry I’ve added for “Cinnamon.” 

See where I’ve added the “Prosperity” theme to this ingredient? 

If we click that link, it brings us to….

The *prosperity* entry.

As you can see in the “Components” section – the “Cinnamon” entry has AUTOMATICALLY been added. 









HOW. Just *HOW* – much EASIER spell crafting has gotten since I now have a home where ALL of my research for EACH ingredient lives, where deities, spell components, planes, astrology, larger themes and MORE are all beautifully *built* and *interwoven* together…

So as you fill out one entry, *all the things you fill out insta-connect to the entries you’ve added* – which means you get to fill out the ingredient ONCE and have it connected to the theme, without having go THEN go over to the theme and add it in. 

Or more accurately: You don’t have to add in the ingredient, and then add that same ingredient to an entry for the deity, and then that same ingredient to another entry to a planet, and then that same ingredient to the zodiac entry, then that same ingredient to every single related them so on and so forth. THIS SAVES YOU SO MUCH TIME AND WORK.

This is the key to unfold your spell crafting process much more NATURALLY, based on things like: 

  • WHAT you’re in the mood to cast, or
  • WHAT you’ve got around, or
  • WHAT astrology phase it is

Instead of having to hope the spell you’re crafting doesn’t accidentally set your hair on fire the moment you cast it.

Okay – I’ll stop geeking out – but I’m just – literally OBSESSED WITH THIS TEMPLATE.

Next post: How to make time for witchcraft (and magick) – hint: you’re ALWAYS being magickal, you beautiful freakin’ you. 

You know you’re meant to do… something. You feel it deep, all the way from your head, deep in your jellies, and down your toes. But FFS, do you even REALLY fully know what it is?

Stop waiting for your destiny to happen, and MAKE it happen.  Click here to learn more!

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