Common Spellcrafting Magickal Mistakes

Common Spellcrafting Mistakes

Chances are, you probably cast your first spell after reading someone else’s book and getting REALLY excited about the prospect of the love of your life mysteriously just finding you on a rainy day in the coffee section because you cast a spell to “call them into your life.”

And then – it never worked.

Let’s look at what might have gone wrong, so you can trouble shoot. 

Mistake #1: Not tracking your spells.
Which spells of yours have worked?

Which are duds? 

Do you know? 

Have you written them down?

Have you written ENOUGH about them down? 

Have you added up which spells work the best? 

Tracking your spells can help you see WHAT spells have worked, and more importantly: what methods work best for YOUR unique witch crafting. 

(Side note: I have a whole amazing WishBytes system built into the Witchypedia Notion Template so you can track your spells AND also see which spells work the best for YOU 👀

Look – this thing is gonna change the way you witch, especially as you start to track what spells work for you AND WHY. I’m *obsessedddddd.*

Mistake #2: Not understanding magickal processeses

What… makes YOUR magick work. 

What makes ANY magick work. 

Do you know? 

I love the work of Taylor Ellwood – and refer to his work often – AND I’M GONNA REFER TO HIM AGAIN MWAHAHA. 

He suggests understanding YOUR magickal processes when it comes to making magick. 

For example: What’s your definition of magick? 

(Mine is: “taking stuff from your ThinkSpace to MeatSpace.” – This is 30+ years of witchery distilled down to this one statement. But you should come up with your own.)

Other things to consider: What’s the “cake” of your magick, and what’s the “frosting”

Hint: herbs, candles, oils, etc. – these are all decorative FROSTING. You gotta figure out your CAKE – aka your process.

If you don’t know what your magickal processes are, or what ANY types of magickal processes are – then you can’t find the bottleneck for what went wrong with your spell. 

WHAT. You mean like ANYTHING else in life, you can find the bottle neck to your magick so you can turn it all the way up to eleven?! 

Mistake #3: Not creating your own spells from scratch

UG – okay – you shouldn’t HAVE to create your own spells – but you’re missing out if you do. 

The first thing is – any spell written by YOU will have YOUR UNIQUE MAGICK IN IT (as will casting it.) 

Even better: sort of like how it’s better to make chicken nuggies at home because you know EXACTLY what ingredient is going into it and that it’s good for you…

Crafting your OWN spell means that you’re putting ingredients that are meaningful to YOU and that resonates with YOU, and you are purposefully charging them with intent and energy that *you’ve* decided on (even if you’re having to look up the meanings before you include them!) 

When you’re using someone else’s spell – you don’t know the REASONS why they added those ingredients, you DON’T know if the spell creator actually TESTED it (in most cases), and you don’t know WHAT things might have affected the original spell creator. 

Like, maybe they did the spell at the full moon, and you did it at the New Moon and that’s why it didn’t work. 

Or they did it in Aries season, and you’re doing it in Libra season.

Crafting your own spells from scratch means you can also track these additional details to have additional information.

Maybe all your best “love myself” spells work when you’re casting them in Leo season, maybe they work better for you in Aries season – but if you’re not keeping details, how would you know? 

Mistake #4: Thinking complexity = better spells.

The spell you found online has 500 steps and makes you chant mysterious words. 

Clearly, it must work SO MUCH BETTER than doing a simple sigil and forgetting about it. 

Well, going back to mistake #1 – not tracking – you wouldn’t even know if one works better than the other… 

The other thing is – The spell that gets you results is the spell that will always beat other spells out. 

That 500 step ritual doesn’t do dick if you don’t get real life results. 

And that simple sigil spell – if you understand how your particular spellcrafting works – you might ALWAYS get consistent results with sigils, even if they’re “simple.” 

Just because it’s complex and takes a million years doesn’t automatically qualify it as good, and just because it’s SUPER simple doesn’t qualify it as bad. 

What gets you results, is what gets YOU results – and that’s what you should be aiming for with your spells – consistent results, not complexity for coolness sake. 

Okay, in the next post: Learn my process to making spells as I show you how to make “The Lucky Onion” spell!

You know you’re meant to do… something. You feel it deep, all the way from your head, deep in your jellies, and down your toes. But FFS, do you even REALLY fully know what it is?

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