Sparklemore is Calling

I can hear you, but I won't.
Some look for trouble, while other's don't

Sparklemore, a witch scouts meets school of magick – is coming. This September 1st, doors open.  

A school of magick for the leaders of the future, who want a different way of looking at their magickal paradigms and having them ripped apart. 

I’m sick of the sooper spooky mysteries and intitiations into whatever level of wacky you need. 

I’m here to take the hippy dippy flipped and turn it into an actual logical sequence that makes sense. But hey, my Neptune is in 0 degrees Capricorn. 

And if this reads like a foreign language to you, then you ABSOLUTELY need to join Sparklemore, where you’ll learn fluent tarot, astrology, your unique symbology, to create magick, media, and take life from storybook to story lived. 

As a projector, I’m good at guiding people how to use their energy, and this is how to do that in a massive, life changing way with as many people as possible.  

A School Of Magick Focused on the most important part: LIVING!

This is about the story of YOUR life. 

Not what you’re supposed to do.

Not who you’re SUPPOSED to be as conditioned by society. 

But who you know, ya feel it in in your jellies, that you’re supposed to be doing something. 

You might already know what (or you might not – Sparklemore is for journiers along all paths of life) – but you know that you just FEEL that urge. 

That’s Sparklemore calling. 

That urge, right there? 

That’s what’s calling you, and that’s this membership. 

This membership is about STORIES – and learning how to create your most beautiful book of your life, living as your ultimate art project.

Magick, healing, goal setting, and DORKY SYSTEMS IN NOTION (don’t worry, I’ll teach ya how to make an external brain in this app, which will be weaved all throughout the course.) 

We’re helping you build your dreams out and apply all the angles to them: spiritual, practical, and everything in-between. 

Your life, Your story, your magick

In Sparklemore, you’re going to learn how to embrace your self love, your self chaos, and your self will to bring about your unique flavor of life story from your mental plane to your material plane. 

It’s the journey of a lifetime, and it’ll involve all sorts of mystical and mundane modalities – that when combined, provide a potent potable cocktail of “your wishes, your life dreams, come true.” 

It’s just not YOU on your own trying to make JUST your wishes come true. 

You’ll be traveling through your stories alone – but at Sparklemore, part of the fun is the rest of the School of Magick that you’ll be attending with.

Sparklemore Students

We’ve got a dedicated online home where you can live chat via Discord all your fellow Sparklemore students. 

Grab an accountability buddy, or maybe form your magickal breakfast club – and learn together, meet more people doing weird witchy magick shit like you. 

This is a space for all the misfits, weirdos, the marginalized (aka don’t be an asshole to ANY marginalized identity in these Sparkly Halls, we’re here to build each other UP!), the ones who are maybe some flavor of neurospicy. 

The goal is to create a different kind of school of magick. Part course work. Part community. All sparkles. 

The first few stories & Chapters

Your course work is similar to any other signature course or online course – but these are touched with storytelling magick.

Each signature course in Sparklemore is a story…

Each chapter is a mini-course or module, all organized to follow a very specific path – one that leads you back to the center of the maze of YOU.

You’ll get an additional chapter approximately 1x a month as the story is written, released, with additional upgrades & fun along the way, with the first 2 chapters (marked with a *) ready for instant access when school begins on September 1st.

Story 1: You, Sparkling More

Chapter 0: Welcome to Sparklemore*

Chapter 1: The Magickal Wilderness*

Chapter 2: Basic Magickal Tools

Chapter 3: Life on Earth Tools

Chapter 4: Life in Spirit Tools

Chapter 5: Upgrade Your Creativity

Story 2: Your Projects, Sparkling More

Chapters will be reveled when all of Story 1 is complete!  👀✨

Story 3: Your World, Sparkling More

Chapters will be revealed when all of Story 2 is complete! 👀✨

Story 4: 😉

Chapters (and name) will be revealed when all 3 of the first stories are complete. 👀 ✨.

SParklemore Bonuses

As you complete the chapters, additional bonuses will unlock, including: 

The Library

Along the Sparklemore path, as the membership grows, the Library will be open. This will be a self-select book club, with quick summaries of the book, book club worksheets, and more! 

The Tech Lab

This is another bonus that’ll show up along the Sparklemore path as the membership grows – All the techy crunchy things that’ll help you bring your ThinkSpace to proper MeatSpace reality. If you’ve seen Cherry use a tool, it’ll eventually end up as a lesson in the Tech Lab. 

Additional Bonus: Moon Monthly

This is a little monthly bonus you’ll get as a member of Sparklemore, a free subscription to our Moon Monthly service. 

Always scrambling at the last minute crying “ah frick, it’s the Full Moon AGAIN?!” – get messages sent to your cell phone or Facebook messenger with automatic reminders at 3 days, 2 days, and the day of the Full Moon, complete with ideas & themes of the upcoming Full & New Moons.

Additional Secret Bonuses

Good schools of magick are – well – MAGICKAL. We’ve got all sorts of fun secrets, activities, group challenges, events, and MORE, that all play into the magick of Sparklemore. 

Are you ready to Sparkle More?


Academy of Magick
$ 111 Monthly
  • Sparklemore Stories: Appx. 1 Chapter/month of the "You: Sparkling More" coursework
  • Sparklemore Scouts (Discord Server!)
  • Witchypedia Template
  • The Tech Room: Home of "How To"
  • The Library & Your Book Coven
  • Monthly Events
  • BONUS! Moon Monthly
  • BONUS! Witchables Printables Pack
  • BONUS! Tarot This Journal Pack!

What happens after you purchase

You’ll get a few welcome emails – one from me, and one from Sparklemore herself, a sentient school of Magick. 

My recommendation? When you’ve got the deets, and the time to explore our hallowed halls, open up your course emails and get yourself through Chapter 0 – it’s like the Orientation Week for this Academy of Magick. 

Then, you’ll make your way to our school’s other half of facilities – the Discord Server. 

This is where life of community and the energy of this school comes to life.

Meet like minded witches and magick makers, looking to start writing their own story, and you’ll all get to know each other, make friends, have a group of fellow cheerleaders who also understand the path you’re on. 

And – as more chapters are released, you’ll have more activities and ways to learn from the Sparklemore school of magick. 

Who this is for

  • Witches
  • Magick Makers
  • Faes, Theys, Queers, and Peers
  • Neurospicy people
  • The weirdos, geeks and freaks
  • Anyone from any background and any shade/color/shape/abledness of the meat suit
  • People who wished “Witch Scouts” – like Girl Scouts (butforallgenders)- was a thing. 
  • People who wanted to go to a more queer friendly Hogwarts that lets you learn ACTUAL magick.
  • People who want to build their favorite life
  • People who want to take charge of their own story 
  • People who wanna learn tarot & divination
  • People who wanna learn astrology & human design
  • People who wanna learn symbolism & spellcrafting 
  • People who wanna learn cool tech things
  • People who need that Book Club Coven experience 
  • Those who want a witchy accountability buddy friend to start talking magick with 
  • Those that want a witchy magickal community that’s more focused on what we can collectively create as opposed to how to collectively destroy – we’re repurposing, making collages and mosaics, not ancient runes of desolation 
  • People who wanna use their magick to tap into their inner child
  • People who wanna use magick to tap into new, deeper levels of spirituality 

Who this isn't for

  • If you get upset by “woke politics” Sparklemore probably isn’t for you
  • If you’re mad that marginalized identities exist (including any flavor of queer, trans, neurospicy, and more…)
  • If you’re a jerk about people based on whatever shade their skin falls on the spectrum of tones
  • Not recognizing the systemic issues at play for all of the above items

…Then you’re probably NOT going to have a good time here. This isn’t a place to bring any bigotry…


  • If you micromanage everyone else’s social justice points & shame people for not being as advanced as you
  • You use shame as a tool to bring about a better collective
  • You think that getting into arguments all day will get people who are dedicated to misunderstanding you to understand you

You’re probably ALSO not going to like it here.

I’m all about us collectively building a better world, and tools of ostracization, shame, encouraging people to self-shame are not it.

Instead, I encourage a cultivating of deeper levels of curiosity about unpacking one’s deep seated beliefs about EVERYTHING, because as magick makers, we’re playing with INFINITY and you can’t play with LITERAL INFINITY without a few broken eggs. 

We’re just learning how to build a better egg.

But also not here for anyone who’s gonna get mad about the better world we’re collectively building (any “phobia” of the social variety, we’re not here for.) 

Everyone’s got a job along this path of our best planet.  

Tend your own garden and share the bounty, instead of spitting on other’s yards and calling it rain.

The Guarantee

7 Days to Get a Refund – Poke around, see if it’s for you, if you know this isn’t the vibe, get a refund, no questions asked. We only want people who WANT to be here, who feel good about what we’re building: a School of Magick with a WitchScouts vibe. A Community of Magick Makers who want to build a better anything.


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The Daydream

I want to write content here that definitely is this but in a way that I feel authentic with 

Are you ready to Sparkle More?

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$ 111 Monthly
  • All Stories As Released
  • Sparklemore Scouts (Server!)
  • Witchypedia Template
  • Monthly Events