Get your Sparkle Together, Today!

"HOw THE F*CK do I get my sh*t together?!"

I get it. You want to do ALL THE THINGS but where do you start, how do you make progress, there’s WAY TOO MUCH TO ACTUALLY DO…. 

Live your favorite life and get your SPARKle together!

Stop thinking about it and actually SEE yourself taking tangible steps towards your most EPIC life with “Get Your Sparkle Together”!

This mini-course will help you gamify your #BigLifeGoals with the power of story and teach you how to digitize your brain to KEEP TRACK OF EVERYTHING so you can actually LIVE your most favorite life (and… it’s only $9!)

Do you feel like it'd take a miracle to help you finally get your sh*t together?

It sucks feeling overwhelmed by all the things you want to accomplish in this life. 

It sucks even more wondering if you’re gonna be on your death bed with a life that passed you by while you were waiting for… SOMETHING to shift that would help you go after the things you want in life. 

Especially if you’re any flavor of neurospicy, with a brain going a million directions at once, with no place to actually SEE what you want and where you’re going.

If living the life of your dreams has felt hopeless because there’s just “TOO MUCH” – read on…

What happens if I get my sparkle together?

see Your goals

Get a bird's eye view of your BIG life goals & bucket list items - the things you know you'll regret missing out on in life!

build A digital brain

Stop storing everything in your brain - your brain is for CREATING ideas, use a digital brain to STORE everything else!

track your progress

Actually SEE that you're making real progress towards living out the life that you absolutely desire as opposed to just wondering.

A neurospicy brain + Notion = match made in heaven

I’m a late-in-life self realized Autistic/ADHD human being and I gotta say – it f*cked me up good for YEARS. 

I thought I was a failure because I couldn’t seem to just GET my SH*T together! 

Enter: the power of stories and the power of systems. 

Now, I am living my life story as a game, and I have TANGIBLE PROOF I’m actually living an aligned life with the BIG THINGS that are important to me. 

I have a home for all my BIG life goals (and a points-system to ensure I’m acctually LIVING them) – and a home for ALL the other stuff that’s been floating around in my brain with a “to-do… someday” in a place where I can KEEP COMING BACK TO IT. 

BTW, hi, I’m Cherry, and I’m building a realm of magickal media: The things I create are a part of me living out my personal destiny path.

The important question: am I living out my “dream life?” – I can say in all honesty, yeah, I am. 

I’m taking steps towards my first musical album, I’ve built a beautiful brand I’m proud of that represents “me”, and I’m actively moving towards my BIG goals (and marking progress towards them using Notion and the templates I provide in this course!)

Are you ready to live your favorite life?

Sometimes it’s not a kick in the ass you need to get your sh*t together, it’s a helping hand that gets you on the first step to your favorite life.

And that’s where this course comes in to help.


Get Your Sparkle Together!

Instant Access to “Get Your Sparkle Together” including the following:

  •  ✨ Get Your Sparkle Together Mini-Course✨
  • “My Dashboard” Notion template
  • 🧙‍♀️”Epic Life Quest” Notion template 🧙‍♀️
  • BONUS: Notion Nuts & Bolts Mini-Course
  • BONUS: Access to my secret, very sparkly Facebook group, the🌲Sparklemore Scouts!🌲

Let's look at what's inside...

What's included in "Get Your Sparkle Together"?

Get Your Sparkle Together

This course is small but potent – in under an hour of educational materials, you can really get your big FIRST step to living your FAVORITE life.

You’ll learn about the Media Medium – why combining the power of story to your goals is so awesome AND you’ll get information on how to build your personal lifequest RPG in the epic quest life board. 

In the Practicality lesson, you’ll learn WHY the best system is the one that YOU use and how to plan backwards to start accomplishing your goals. 

In the Magickality lesson, you’ll dip your toes into how to add additional storytelling elements into your game-of-life, and learn what the “Breadcrumbs of Destiny” are. 

Notion Nuts & Bolts

Excited to “Get Your Sparkle Together” but not super clear on how Notion works and want a great foundational course? I got ya covered. 

Instead of watching hours upon hours of YouTube tutorials, this quick start guide will get you up and going with everything you need to know for Notion, from beginner to advanced uses (and my favorite: how to utilize the “Dashboards and Databases” system to be organized in a visually pleasing way!)

And these most Excellent Notion Templates

The “Epic Life Quest” Notion Template (Gamified!)

This Notion template takes the concept of a “Gamified Life” and turns it into an easy-to-follow, level-up system template. 

You’ll assign points to your BIG HOLYSH*T dreams, goals, bucket list items, etc. – and every 100 points, you level up. That’s it. 

You’ll create a character for yourself, you’ll organize your “quests” – and you’ll start to see tangible progress of WHAT YOU ACTUALLY WANT OUT OF LIFE. 

My Dashboard Template!

This super sleek, skeletal “everything you need and nothing you don’t” template is what I build many of my best templates out of (including the Witchypedia template, business dashboards, household management, and more.) 

Instead of spending all the time slowly building out and connecting everything to each other, I’ve done it for you so you can get up and going, and then start customizing your personal systems for building your best life.

Bonus Facebook Group!

You’ll also get bonus access to my private Facebook Group

This group is home to everyone who’s helped support our magick so far, aka the Sparklemore Scouts. 

Meet other people who want to sparkle, and make magick as much as you do. 

(And you’ll get access to exclusive freebies that I don’t offer ANYWHERE else.) 


Let's sparkle MORE!

Instant Access to “Get Your Sparkle Together” including the following:

  •  ✨ Get Your Sparkle Together Mini-Course✨
  • “My Dashboard” Notion template
  • 🧙‍♀️”Epic Life Quest” Notion template 🧙‍♀️
  • BONUS: Notion Nuts & Bolts Mini-Course
  • BONUS: Access to my secret, very sparkly Facebook group, the🌲Sparklemore Scouts!🌲

Who is this course for?

Are you a good fit to Get Your Sparkle together?

Honestly, I created this course because I was at the crux of “what do I want out of life” and “HOW THE FRICK DO I GET ALL OF MY SH*T TOGETHER SERIOUSLY?!”

I’m proud to say I’m happily walking down the yellow brick road of “going after my big life goals” (I’m at Level 12 in my own game of life!) 

Since using the power of systems, I’ve:

  • Seen what BIG LIFE goals are important to me
  • Accomplished some BIG LIFE goals, including open mic nights (and even a burlesque performance coming up!) 
  • Built creative systems for capturing all my big (and small) ideas so they’re not floating around in my head

If you're where I was at, you're probably wondering

  • How do I stop feeling so overwhelmed with ALL THE THINGS I gotta do and wanna do?!
  • How can I go after the things I care about so I don’t regret a life unlived when I get older? 

If you know that getting everything out of your brain and into a home to check it out, if you know that you want to live your big-epic-life and do big bucket list dreams, and if you know that my help (and the Notion application) can get you there, GET THIS COURSE!!!

Take a little dream stroll...

How would it feel to have a space where your big goals live?

Look – do I think any ONE thing is the end-all-be-all solution to getting EVERY aspect of your life? Hell to the frick no. 

You still gotta actually GO AFTER THE THINGS you want, and you still gotta get the things out-of-your-brain-and-into-a-system.

And “Get Your Sparkle Together” will help you create a home for ALL-THE-THINGS so you can see if you’re on-track to the life you want, so you have areas of life you can start tackling one-bite-at-a-time. 

IF you get your sparkle together, you'll learn:

  • Why you need a digital “second” brain to house “all-the-things” in your noggin
  • How “backwards planning” can help you take those ideas and find a starting point to actually take a first step
  • How to turn your bucket list and goals into a game to use the power of story to go after your most favorite life. 

All while using the most useful tool for organizing your personal multiverse of systems – NOTION!


What's the deal on refunds?

This is meant to be a quick experience to get you on your first step to “Getting Your Sparkle Together” – due to the fact that you can watch all the materials in less than an hour (and you’d permanently get to keep the templates) – we don’t offer refunds. 

But we also priced this at a low cost so even if you JUST use the templates and nothing else, you’ll still get SO MUCH AWESOMENESS.

How can I GUARANTEE this will work?

While in life there are no guarantees – my goal is to help you take a BIG first step into your most favorite life. With this course, you’ll learn about systems to collect the actionable steps that are ACTIVELY getting you closer to your goals

You’ll get out what you put in – if you follow the material, start working with your “external brain” in Notion and filling out your “Epic Life Quest” board, you’re completing a HUGE first step towards living out what you’re most excited to get out of this life.

How does this work?

This is a study-at-your-pace course with less than an hour of learning materials, plus activities to fill out your templates you get over at Sparklemore Academy.

This practical system of Notion & goal setting by-way of gamification and organizing your life in “My Dashboard” is here to help you live out your favorite life by having a home for EVERYTHING to go into.

Do I HAVE to know Notion to take this course?

Nope, even if you’re a Notion newbie, you’ll learn how to use Notion throughout the course. 

Your main point of reference will be the Notion Nuts & Bolts course, but you’ll learn the other Notion templates throughout the course work you’ll be taking. 

Do I HAVE to use Notion at all?

This course is Notion-centric for a reason – it’s a great “all purpose” home for everything you need as you create your digital brain for exploring your BIGEPICLIFEGOALS.  If you want to apply these systems to your other favorite programs, please go ahead, but the awesome templates are exclusively made to work in Notion.

What happens once I purchase?

You get two emails – one from me and one from Sparklemore, our School of Magick.

From there, you’ll have a “magick key” from Sparklemore’s email that will get you past the front gates & into the school. From there, you can “Get Your Sparkle Together!”

Okay, but how do I get ALL of my sh*t together?

Getting your sh*t together is a process that’s different for everyone, depending on where you’re starting out in life. 

This course is a FIRST STEP to *seeing* all the stuff floating around in your brain, within a system you can keep coming home to as you build your digital brain & fill out your “Epic Life Quest” Notion template. 

Let's get SPARKLY!

Instant Access to “Get Your Sparkle Together” including the following:

  •  ✨ Get Your Sparkle Together Mini-Course✨
  • “My Dashboard” Notion template
  • 🧙‍♀️”Epic Life Quest” Notion template 🧙‍♀️
  • BONUS: Notion Nuts & Bolts Mini-Course
  • BONUS: Access to my secret, very sparkly Facebook group, the🌲Sparklemore Scouts!🌲

Wanna know more about me & my work? Go to to find out more.

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