Spooky Season Soiree & The Sparkle More Scouts

This Soiree will take place between September 1st and October 1st, to get us all feelin’ extra Spooky just in time for Halloween Season. You’ll get access to our “Merit Badge Activities” – aka our series of masterclasses, mini classes, and mini-courses (and other surprises, including a Season ending party with prizes!
This activity will be held in our Sparkle More Scouts Facebook Group – which you get access too if you’ve purchased a tarot playdate, the Witchypedia template, any of my courses, 

OR you can purchase your ticket RIGHT now and get access to the whole event!

HOw do you get tickets?

Note: If you’ve purchased a Tarot Playdate, the Witchypedia template (or any of our other courses), you should have your invitation to the Spooky Season Soiree & Sparkle More Scouts Facebook in your email! Check your Spam if you haven’t gotten an email from us! 

Purchase a Witchypedia template and course, you’ll get complimentary ticket as a bonus – $57
Suggested: I use this for SO MUCH of EVERYTHING, but you’ll learn in the Soiree how to use Notion however you need organized for your digital brain.)

Get your ticket to just the event – $17
If you just want to get access to the party, get your ticket and you’ll get ALL of the  Bonus of Lifetime Access to the Sparkle More Scouts Facebook Group 

"Your Journey Begins" Merit Badge

Releases September 3rd

Included activities:

  • Get Your SPARKLE Together (Mini Course)
  • The Magick Glasses! (Master Class)
  • The Magickal Wilderness (Mini Class)
Learn how to add the magick back into your life with practical methods AND magickal methods, combined to start pulling your most favorite life together. 
In “Get Your Sparkle Together,” we’ll dig into the concept of your external digital brain.

You’ll learn why it’s important to create a digital external brain to accomplish your life’s goals and big wishes.

In “Your Magick Glasses” you’ll learn how to use your brain to bring about your biggest witchy wishes – combining the best of the worlds of magick and neuroscience for how to play double dutch with your skepticism and spirituality. 
In “The Magickal Wilderness” you’ll get a little look into what you need to explore the depths of your personal  magickal wilderness & come out safely on the other side.
Get a digital Merit Badge, “Your Journey Begins” upon completion of these activities!
Releases September 10th

Included activities:

  • What are your Breadcrumbs of Destiny (Mini Class)
  • Astrology: The Reality Show of You (Masterclass)
  • Basic Witch Human Design (Mini Class)
Learn how to properly research YOUR unique flavor of magick with the Breadcrumbs of Destiny – things like your name, your numerology, your astrology and human design are breadcrumbs that can help you self reflect upon who you are and what you’re about!

In “What Are Your Breadcrumbs of Destiny,” you’ll learn how to research all the nooks and crannies of your personal “breadcrumbs” of destiny – a methodology to research any part of your numerology, name meanings, so on and so forth!

In “Astrology: The Reality Show of You” – you’ll get a masterclass of astrology basics, enough to start navigating your natal chart in plain-speak. 

You’ll also get the “Pinball Method Astrology” Canva template & instructions on how to fill yours out so you can see your natural energetic cycle. 


In “Basic Witch Human Design” – you’ll get another mini-class on how to get your human design chart and how it all fits together, enough to get you speaking the basic language of Human Design 101 and how to apply it to your great experiment of life. 

Get a digital Merit Badge, “Breadcrumbs of Destiny” upon completion of these activities!

"Fire & Water" Merit Badge

Releases September 17th

With the included activities:

  • Creative Card Slinging (Mini-Course)
  • Getting Spell Crafty (Masterclass) 
Using your inner water and fire (divination & spellcrafting) – we’re going to start super charging your magick.

In “Creative Card Slinging” – a mini-course on Cartomancy (tarot & oracle cards) – you’ll learn how to divine using various sources & ideas as oracles. 

In “Getting Spell Crafty” – you’ll get a masterclass on how to combine everything you’ve learned plus traditional spell crafting techniques to jump start your magickal experiments.

Get a digital Merit Badge, “Fire & Water” upon completion of these activities!

"Journey into the Unknown" Merit Badge

Releases September 24th

With the included activities:

  • Your Magick, Your Creativity (Masterclass)
  • Into Your Unknown (Masterclass) 
Get a digital Merit Badge, “Journey Into the Unknown” upon completion of these activities!

Live Spooky Season Celebration & Contest Winners

Celebration & Contest on October 1st at 5PM PST.

Get an EXCLUSIVE Digital Merit Badge for completing all the activities by October 1st and be entered into the grand prize contest to get a “Tea & Mini Tarot” gift pack!*

*Limited to clients in the continental USA


Take your Soiree experience seriously with these awesome bonuses!
  1. Tarot This Journal PDF! ($17 value)
  2. Ten Minute Tarot Meditation! ($11 value)
  3. Astrology Pinball Canva Template ($11 value)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions, feel free to email hi@majorlyarcana.com

Do I have to be a witch to join?

Nope! But we are learning about tarot, astrology, human design, spellcrafting, magick, all sorts of goodness like that.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, this might not be the event for you.

Do I have to be A Woman to join?

Nope! While my branding is very pink and sparkly, Sparkle More Scouts & the Spooky Soiree is home for ANYONE who wants to Sparkle More! 

Do I need to Join the Facebook Group?

Yes! This is a big social event as well and this is where you’ll meet your fellow Sparkle More Scouts as you collect your merit badges through the Spooky Soiree activities at Sparklemore Academy!