Move past your inner Bullsh*t
& get unstuck in your life!

Rainbow Readings are one-of-a-kind coaching sessions that feature the tarot!

We’re going to help you create RAPID change in your life by cutting through your limiting beliefs, aka why you’re “stuck!” 

Forget finding your future, let’s forge your future, together – with the power of Rainbow Readings.

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wait - what?

What if, in an hour, you could feel empowered to make REAL PROGRESS in your life, instead of being stuck in the same place.

No more spinning in circles, weighing this choice versus that choice, or the mystery choice behind door number 3.

H'okay, so -
Here's the problem...

You know that being stuck SUCKS. It’s that niggling feeling that you should be doing something – but what?!

You’re not sure  WHAT to do, just that your choices seem to be endless.

You hem, you haw, and you’re still stuck in the same spot. You waste excess energy and more importantly, time. And worst of all?

By the time you figure out what to do – all your best options are GONE.

If you KNOW you can do SO MUCH MORE in this next chapter of your life, then read on.

Imagine this...

Imagine designing an epic life without the decision fatigue.

Imagine knowing you’re going in the right direction.

Imagine knowing that you’re finally living your best timeline!

What If you Could feel...

If you’re looking to get unstuck, get empowered, and FINALLY move onto the next step in your life in one easy meeting, I I have the solution for you:

Introducing: Rainbow readings!

What the F*ck is a rainbow reading?

Take a dash of life coaching, a smidge of spiritual storytelling, and a smack in the face with a damn deck of cards calling you the f*ck out on your BS!

Or, in other words – let’s shift your perspective and empower you to to move past your own limiting beliefs. 

"Telling the Future" robs you of your power

Think about it – which gives you your power. Having someone tell you “this is definitely what’s going to happen in your future and you can’t do anything to stop it?” – OR

Someone showing you potential paths, and the steps that YOU can take to CHANGE those paths – or even create a new path?

As your cardslingin’ coach, I’ve found that tarot & oracle cards are some of the best ways to ways to create your future. The truth is that YOU are the main character of YOUR story!

Tarot and oracle cards show you the reflection of your current world, and with my help to see new paths, you can open the door to the future of your dreams.

Don’t leave your best life up to fate – let me guide you toward the next part of your journey, and finally make REAL progress in life! 

I don’t tell you the future, I translate the cards to help you SHAPE your future.

"I'm still a little weirded out over how accurate everything just said was!."

Tiegan A

The tarot reading Cherry gave me resonated with me. Everything about it hit to the core. The synchronicities that have been lining up for me came back to play in this tarot reading.

I’m someone who fully believes in tarot and magick and messages from the universe, and I’m still a little weirded out over how accurate everything just said was!

It hit my heart, it hit my brain, and I’m so thankful and so grateful to get read by and get to know Cherry.

Tiegan A.

What makes a rainbow reading different?

TBH, I’m not your average card slinger. 



I’m not gonna give you “good vibes only” and I’m not going to just tell you what you want to hear so you keep coming back. 

And I’m DEFINITELY not going to tell you just be patient, it’s “all on it’s way” – that’s all well and dandy, but where’s YOUR action in all of this? 

My goal is to help you grow and move forward with your life!

Frankly, coddling you with platitudes will hold you back. The truth is, it feels really comfortable to stay stuck. Tarot cards lay the smackdown on your self-limiting BS. 

So what’s my part? Well, I’m a translator of the cards with a life coach edge.  Or as I like to call it, Esoteric Empowerment Coaching.

Unlike traditional life coaching, I use my history as a witch and tarot reader to help you think outside of the box about your problems. 

I take the translations of the cards (plus a deep well of self-development advice) and give you actionable steps that you can USE to take those first baby steps towards your new life!

What happens after I book with you?

Booking Your Time

You'll get an email with a link to schedule our session together - once you schedule, you'll get a Zoom link for our meeting!

Meeting on Zoom

At the schedule time, click your custom Zoom link in your email, and we'll begin our Rainbow Reading together.

Magick Mood

We set the magick, witchy mood with my special playlist (that doubles as an oracle, to create synchronous moments with your reading.)

Your Customized Experience

You're not getting a basic 3 card spread. You'll pick a color, and that will decide which tarot deck we use. We work with a "Tarot Muse" as chosen at random by you, and I create a custom spread specifically to help get you unstuck.

Getting You Unstuck

I'm sort of like a decision doula - the "Tarot Muse" we pick is the area your guides/universe/etc. wants you to work on most, the most bang-for-your-buck.

BONUS: Next Step Assignments

I'll pull some self-care oracle cards, and these are your first step towards getting unstuck. Doing these assignments provides a quick win so you can build momentum towards your future while you take care of yourself! 

BONUS: Your Rainbow Readings Dashboard

Your handy dandy place to access the recording of your reading, your high-quality photos of your spread, and a write-up of your self-care assignments.   

"She opened the door to New paths I didn't realize were available."

rain f

I came to Cherry in a desperate time of need, when I had hit my moment. And in that moment, it sort of saved me, because she gave me empowering context of the situation.

Cherry gave me objectivity with the areas I didn’t see – and that’s where her strength is – in empowering clients to look at things objectively, and push them to see themselves in a more robust way.

She opened the door to new paths I didn’t realize were available.

Rain F.

What is it costing you to stay stuck?

While I could list the obvious things (going after your dreams, being sought after for your skills, finding the right partners in all forms) – that staying stuck can cost you – the biggest thing, that you can NEVER earn back – that this is costing you? TIME.

You can never get the time back that you spend remaining STUCK to the spot! 

This is why Rainbow Readings come with “Next Step”  assignments. They’re a great start to getting off your butt and actually MAKING progress. That little baby-step is the nudge you need to move forward in a specific area of life. 

When you get a Rainbow Reading, you’re getting YEARS of tarot AND self-development experience!

Many life and empowerment coaches cost THOUSANDS of dollars to work with over a series of multiple sessions.

Rainbow Readings are a quick-start towards a better life – a lower investment so you can get unstuck and move forward to CREATE your dream life.  

My goal is to make sure that you’re feeling confident to move forward. While I do have a “Cheerleader” personality, I help you move forward by combining the best of years of self-development with tarot & oracle card readings. You get knowledge of what’s going on, and actionable steps to move forward once we’ve figured out your issue.

Are you ready to move forward in life?

When you book your Rainbow Reading session, you’ll get instant access to book the best time for your session, plus:

You’re getting well over $1111 in value – for just $333 today!

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"I Always leave a reading feeling clear on the best path forward!"

Andi Smiles

I’ve had several tarot readings with Cherry over the years and every reading always brings new insight to what’s going on in my business.

Often these readings come at a time when I’m blocked, stuck, or confused. Cherry has an amazing ability to hold the current situation with empathy and kindness, while also interpreting the cards in a clear and honest way. 

Even if the reading isn’t “good”, Cherry grounds me in the learning that the cards have to offer and brings me back to the actions I can take, in other words, what I can control.

I always appreciate the nuance and depth that Cherry offers during a reading and I always leave a reading feeling clear on the best path forward.

Andi Smiles

About Cherry

Hey there! I’m Cherry, aka your Cherry Godmother, the lady behind your Rainbow Reading.

I’m a 2nd generation witch with 70+ tarot and oracle decks and over twenty years of card slinging experience.

I’ve developed my own unique reading methods incorporating life coaching, neuroscience, storytelling, and graphic design knowledge (yes, really, that helps!) to ensure that you get a QUALITY reading that is of highest service to you creating your best life. 

Bonus #1 ($56 Value!)

Your Rainbow Readings Dashboard!

An easy way to access your current and any future Rainbow Readings you get! This bonus comes with access to my Spotify Playlist Magick Oracle Mixes – two witchy music mixes (one instrumental, one with lyrics) that you can listen to and ask oracle questions! 

This is an individualized dashboard is an interactive way to re-watch and reflect over your Rainbow Reading, for your convenience!

Bonus #2 ($56 Value!)

Your Self-Care Assignments!

An easy-next step to get the ball rolling after your session!  I pull a few self-care oracle cards from various decks and incorporate them into your reading. Then, I give you assignments that will help you as you progress past your “stuckness.”

This concrete first step will provide both momentum towards shaping your new life and future!

"The readings are thorough, insightful, sincere and helpful."

Lauren K

Cherry’s readings were my first introduction to the tarot. She makes it an incredibly welcoming experience, not intimidating at all for a first timer.

Her readings are thorough, insightful, sincere and helpful. No matter the reason you are getting the reading, it will enrich your life and teach you something about yourself.

Highly recommend! 

Lauren K.

Still not sure if a Rainbow Reading is for you?

A Rainbow Reading is NOT a good fit if you are…


You prefer not being responsible for shaping your life


You always have a problem for every solution

Closed Off

You know things could be better but you don't even want to try

A Rainbow Reading is the PERFECT FIT if you are:


You are curious about the next chapter in life, and want to work on the next step.


You're open to a creative way to look at your options for your next life-steps.


You're READY to actually take the next steps once you've got a few new paths to check out!

Rainbow Readings are great for...

Book Your Rainbow Reading Today!

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There's no better time than now!

If you’ve made it this far, it’s probably because you know that you need that little nudge in the right direction, or at least a kick in the ass to say “hey, okay, it’s ACTUALLY time to do the thing already!”

You know you need some advice on where to go next, but you keep pausing because you’re scared to actually move forward and take the next steps in your life.

Don’t let another this be yet another thing that passes you by. Don’t be scared to actually GO for the life you want! Let’s cut through the BS, pull some cards, and get called the f*ck out by a damn deck of cards!

Book Your Rainbow Reading Today!

Only One Payment of $333

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"Book a reading! You will be grateful you did!"

Kristen Nedopak

I got called out by the cards and it led to a HUGE breakthrough! Cherry recently did a reading for me, and her intuitive gifts combined with her straightforward method of sharing guidance and “telling it like it is” was exactly what I needed to remove a massive block keeping me from love and my dream career. (Yes, both!)

I received very honest guidance about what to clear and how to do so. Cherry also has a way of making you feel empowered that you have all the magick you need to manifest what you want in life.

Book a reading! You will be grateful you did!

Kristen Nedopak

Did I Miss anything? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions!

When you decide to invest in a reading, you’re sent a link to make an appointment between a wide range of time slots, and it will automatically convert to your time so you can easily see where our schedule’s overlap.

Think about it as a conversation between you and a friend who’ll lay down the real things you need to hear. My goal is less “here is a specific future” and more for us to talk about what’s going on in your life, and come up with an action plan from there. The power of the cards is that they tap into the very human skill of storytelling, and reading the cards helps us look at where you’re at in your story. 

So – my reading style is a bit different. We’ll briefly chat, but my focus is to see what the cards have to say – you might try to ask a question, and the cards (and either the randomness of card pulls, your spirit guides, or something in between) will tell me what it is you need to hear at the present moment.

If you have to change the appointment, we request that you do so 24 hours in advance of your appointment. Email me at hi [at] MajorlyArcana [dot] com to reschedule.

Due to the nature of the one-on-one serviced based nature, refunds on this product aren’t available. 

Nothing, just bring yourself! If you’re the type of person who likes to take handwritten notes, feel free to bring something to write with. You’ll get a copy of your video session with me to rewatch whenever you want!

My philosophy is that by knowing the future, you automatically change the future – because you have will power and can always take a different direction.

I tend to read the moment in the air, and let you know what the cards (or depending on your beliefs, your spirit guides, the universe, the energy in the air, etc.) want you to know so you can help shape your future.

My Rainbow Reading sessions would be more accurate to helping you decide your dreams and what next steps to take, letting you look at potential paths that would work better for you. 

Naw, that’s not my style. It’s more that the cards will tell you things that you probably know deep down but keep avoiding because you’re stuck in your head about it. That’s why my process is so powerful – it’s less about the cards being mystical, and more about using them to create a dialog to best decide the tools that will help you make real change in your life. 

Have any Additional questions about rainbow readings? Email me at hi [at] majorlyArcana [dot] com

Recap time!

When you book your Rainbow Reading session, you’ll get instant access to book the best time for your session, plus:

You’re getting well over $1111 in value – for just $333 today!

Book Your Rainbow Reading Today!

Only One Payment of $333

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