So, you wanna be a witch.

Luckily you found me to show you how to do The thing. Get started right with Your free Workbook of Shadows Printable

Yes, you.

You just discovered you ARE magic.
You've also just discovered that you can't shoot lightning bolts out of your fingers.
Now what?

You need a weird witchy big sister to guide you through your latest magical moment? Want to find ways to enhance your magic by learning the brain & body’s operating manual? You’ve come to the right place, my friend!

TBH – you’re probably making it way harder than it needs to be. Let’s face it – you probably grew up with the your favorite baby sitters – TV, movies, and books. Let’s play with Pop Culture to get a deeper understanding how to incorporate your Elphaba AND Galinda!

Oh, me? I’m your Cherry Godmother! No, not your Fairy Godmother, I’m your Cherry Godmother. Take the wand and start adding your unique twist to magic.

Still wanna know what a Cherry Godmother does? Wish granted!

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Pick a Potion

Cast your wish, pick a potion - what do you want to learn first?

Magic 101

A basic introduction to the concept of magic

Witch 101

A basic introduction into all things witchcraft

Spells 101

Learn the basics of crafting any spell from scratch

Get your Free Book of Shadows
 start your witchy journey today!

Next, Pick Your Magic Tome

What path do you want to explore?

Pop Culture Tarot

Tarot shows up in Pop Culture all the time - why not learn what you're actually seeing, and look into the story of your life & choose your favorite path?

Pop Culture Astrology

Astrology provides a potent post-it-note from the universe on understanding universe YOU. Pop Culture is a great way to understand these archetypes.

Spell Crafty

Bubble & a pinch of that, give me spells at the drop of a hat. With ingredients a-plenty, oh my, please more! Spell Crafty is your resource, knowledge galore!

Want to meet epic witches? (Yes!)
Want to learn Types of Magic, like Glamour? (Yes!)
Ready to sparkle as much as freakin' possible? (ABSOLTUTELY!)

"The night sky's beauty come from all the stars shining their brightest."

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