Mad Science Magick

Mad Science Magick

Where are you experimenting and letting go and just MAKING MAGICK?

And where are you double guessing yourself and holding yourself back from seeing what the frick you could actually do?

Now – how does your life look?

Is your life ultra successful and abundance (it actually IS super abundant but you’ve probably conditioned yourself to not see the abundance, it probably IS successful but you’ve conditioned yourself to see a tiny sliver of a certain late-stage-capitalism-version of success)?

Chances are – how you’re holding back in magick is exactly how you’re holding back in life.

Magick, good magick, is built upon a pile of failures of things that didn’t work – for YOUR personal magick.

Living the life you want, crafting the skills you have – is also built on failures.

An artist only gets good with thousands of drawings.

I got AMAZING at photography cause when I picked up a camera, I said playfully, “what if I just PRETEND to be a good photographer? What would a good photographer take pictures like?”

The, I proceeded to take probably upwards of 10,000 photos as part of a daily journal throughout my years of college.

Which got me good, FAST.

One of my fave self portraits from way back

Where are you holding yourself in magick and witchcraft?

1. Well, I don’t have the right ingredients.


2. I don’t have the right TIMING

The right timing is your INTENT to put it out there. NEXT.

3. If I don’t get naked under the 3rd full moon as the sun wanes into oblivion during the height of Neptune in Pisces, this spell won’t work.

That’s…. Not how it works. (And nudity IS optional.)

Don’t get me wrong – these things can HELP.

But the person grabbing their joint midway through and using the flame tip to draw a sigil and call their personal servitor, with the power of BELIEF that it’ll work…

Is producing MUCH MORE effective magick while you’re sitting collecting every single ingredient under the sun hoping that by having the right concoction the DAMN THING WILL WORK LIKE HOW IT’S SUPPOSED TO.

Again – those things WORK – but are you overcomplicating it for fear of taking magickal action?

Cause that’s prolly a reflection of how your life is going.

Are you taking the perfectionist steps of not showing EVERYTHING amazing about you, because you’re worried you don’t have the right ingredients to launch, to promote, to show yourself for ALL you are?

Are you worried that it’s not the right time to fully show yourself, for all that you are, to the world (at large OR at small, your world is just as important as “the world”)

Are you hoping that by taking ONLY THE EXACT PRECISE STEPS that FINALLY you’ll get to the thing that will make life a super fun downward slide of “YES THINGS CAN JUST BE EASY” and you’re going to fiddle with the minutiae of detail until you get it juuuuuuust right?

Sometimes I see nothing BUT details – zooming in/out to the right level is.- it’s a thing.

I get it.

I really do.

Because I’ve had to overcome the same things myself. Hell, I’m STILL overcoming the perfectionist side (oh the woes of having a “little 3” stellium in Leo and a sun in Virgo) – but sometimes I gotta kickstart out of it by writing y’all a little post like this.

Because you’re not… you’re not WRONG or bad or “not good enough” for not being able to do the magick you want to on a consistent basis…

You’re just stuck in this meaty flesh sack called the human body that has a meat pudding called your brain hallucinating your slice of reality, and it has some basic rules including “must keep alive” – which involves your nervous system and your brain working together to – well – try to keep you alive.

And when your brain is SO pre-conditioned to needing things to be that “perfect” way so you don’t – well get eaten by a tiger or get kicked out of the community and THEN eaten by a tiger….

But modern society’s “tigers” aren’t actual tigers and more of – well the various “I need a physical shelter and money for food or else I WILL DIE” — or “if I don’t go along with what the group says I will get kicked out of the community AND DIIIIIIEEEE”

It all – kind of is your brain doing it’s darnedest but by golly, this isn’t EFFICIENT when it comes to getting “Mad Science” with your magick.

So – try it out for the next week. Do tiny magicks. The most IMPERFECT of spells. Take an ingredient, look it up on a Google (yes seriously), pick a theme, and try a little magick EVERY DAY, and see what happens.

And if you wanna track your little magicks to see what’s working for you – get the Witchypedia template, built on Notion, and get the Notion app for your phone.

You can add your “Magickal Experiments” page as a widget to your widget-enabled phone, and instantly add your experiments with a bit of relevant data, without having to go find your paper bound Book of Shadows and write down the details.

The Notion Widget on my Phone for my own magickal experiments
And the actual page – press the “new” button to quickly add your own playful magickal experiments on the fly!

Play. PLAY. Omg please – stop getting sooooo serious about your witchcraft and your magick and PRETEND YOU’RE FIVE, making potions with your parent’s toiletries. Just with the potions of your morning drink or evening dinner or maybe even, gasp, mixing your apple lotion with your rose lotion and seeing what magick you make with that.

Mix things up, see what happens. Cover a penny in some mint oil and bury it in you backyard on the new moon – see what happens. Take a cinnamon stick and use ONLY it to stir your coffee for a week in a clockwise direction with INTENT to make a specific thing happen – see what happens.



Toss some toenail clippings into the wind and decide it means you’re now stable in your thoughts (feet = stable, wind = thoughts).

Fail your way to proficiency with itty bitty magicks and tell yourself that – if they’re not causing life changing events, they’re at least forcing you to apply CONCENTRATED FOCUS to thinking new thoughts and even thinking about what you WANT from this meat flash sack existence we call “life on the planet earth.”

Then keep track of it all in your Witchypedia Notion template, a great way to learn and practice YOUR unique magick.

You know you’re meant to do… something. You feel it deep, all the way from your head, deep in your jellies, and down your toes. But FFS, do you even REALLY fully know what it is?

Stop waiting for your destiny to happen, and MAKE it happen.  Click here to learn more!

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