Be Anywhere with Ambiance and Music

One way to play with your magick is to shift how you feel on purpose. So, to escape the monotony of the same room or house you’re in, you can shift how the room feels with the help of a few services available online.

A full ambient experience can come in and transport you when you’re stuck inside for too long and can’t go out as often as you’d like.

I’m an introvert (one of the most outgoing you’ll ever meet!). I love that I get to work from home with my pets.

I live in a remote area, so there isn’t a bustling city right outside my door. One thing that has made gives me a brief escape from the monotony of the same room is ambiance rooms on YouTube combined with my favorite playlists on Spotify.

Really, any ambient noise + your favorite music will do the trick.

You can travel to the forests of Mirkwood, a local (imaginary) cafe shop, or even create your own combination of modern & fantasy elements. Customize any location with your “imaginary iPod” (whatever music you love), and take your music on these digital journeys with you.

Ambiance Rooms

I love the addition of the ambiance of a well made video along with the background noise an ambiance room provides. I think these are especially fun to have on in the background while I do a tarot reading.

Fantasy Forest

ASMR Rooms is one of my FAVORITE YouTube accounts. Her videos are ambient scenes from your favorite fantasy movies, like Lord of the Rings and plenty of Harry potter.

I love these videos. They’re a window to fantasy worlds that I can’t visit in real life. Personally, I love to pair this one with my Instrumental Witchy Music mix for maximum magickal transportation.

Hogwarts Study Rooms

Now, if you want to fee like you’re a student at Hogwarts, maybe one who’s ob-sessed with muggle Broadway music, I recommend your favorite Broadway soundtrack(s) at the Hogwarts library.

Alternatively, maybe you’re just listening to witchy pop music on your headset in your house common room.

Your Favorite Cafe

If you just miss something less fantasy and more around the corner, combine this coffee shop rainy day with your referred cafe music playlist. Top it off with a fresh cup of coffee for the extra coffee shop feel.

Weather Controlled Window

Sometimes I don’t like to “travel” anywhere with these videos, and prefer to have an imaginary window with whatever weather I wish to enjoy for the day.

I live in the desert that is always sunny, with little rain – and I miss the forests and rain.

So, I have a plethora of rainy day (and rainy day forest!) windows to choose from when I just need the sound and look of rain.

But maybe you enjoy a snowy mountain outside your imaginary window

Or even have your imaginary window take you to a different climate, something this desert dweller appreciates.

Other Background noise

If you just need to scratch ANY sort of itch for background noise but don’t want to deal with video – Ambient Mixer is a good alternative. You can also create your own combination of background noise.

They have tons of options for creating exactly what you want in a background noise – more nature, more coffee shop, more pub – whatever noises you like the best, you can control all the sounds you’d like.

I hope this helps you start to play with how to transport yourself without leaving your room, perfect for your extroverted introverted sides.

In the meantime, I have a lot of weird little tips and tricks in my digital toolkit for witchcraft (and life!). Grab a copy of the Witchy Starter Kit down below.

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