Learning How to Learn Witchcraft

Learning How to Learn Witchcraft

Did you know it’s not JUST about learning magick, but HOW you learn?

Here’s the thing about most mystical advice out there – trying to find reliable info feels like a wild Google goose chase.

Look, I’m not trying to knock the process, (honestly I’m ALWAYS researching – it’s kind of my jam. You can’t get me away from books!) but it’s OVERWHELMING for witches, baby and crone alike.

Aside from the info overwhelming, most of the advice focuses on how you have to do things the SUPER DUPER RIGHT MOST PERFECT WAY.

Ug, my Virgo sun falls for this WAY too often 😅

You have to go left, shuffle right, step up 2 the streets, boogie down, and yet you STILL aren’t actually seeing *reliable* results with your magick.

I wanna help with that.

Let’s start with the obvious, that people always forget when it comes to learning witchcraft:


A lot of advice that’s “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t work, because you’re not one-size fits all.

Heck, one look at your astrology natal chart can show you EXACTLY how you’re precisely, uniquely, YOU, and only YOU.

How do we remedy this? 

I created the “Magickal Backpack” to do just this!

I mean it’s not too far off…

Your Magickal Backpack

Our brains can only handle SO much information at a time – so an efficient way to learn is to break things down into “chunks”.
Memorize 8584342235 right now.
Hard, right? It’s just a bunch of random numbers.

But, when you format it as 858-434-2235 and BLAM, suddenly we’re able to remember this string of numbers MUCH easier.

Because “858” “434” and “2235” are individual “chunks” of the bigger piece of information.

And let’s face it: exploring the Magickal Wilderness (the infinite universe of magick, from the shallow end, to the deep end with sexy-butted-swamp-creatures, to the “brain breaking” end where you can accidentally cause a psychotic-break-with-reality or even brick yourself like an old iPhone) CAN BE HECKIN’ DANGEROUS.

Since it’s dangerous to go alone, and I can’t join you (one of the limitations of “your unique experience of consciousness”)… 

I’ve created the Magickal Backpack to make exploring the Magickal Wilderness *WAY. EASIER.*

Inside your Magickal Backpack is five Magick Tools (each aligned to an element) and your personal Treasure Chest. This is how I’ve “chunked” out the majority of what you’re going to encounter in the Magickal Wilderness.

Let’s explore your backpack, Magickal Wilderness Ranger!

Here’s your map to discovery!

What’s in your Magickal Backpack?

Your Magick Glasses – Air
These help you explore “ThinkSpace” and the multiverse – the Magick Glasses are a new magickal technology I invented to help separate “ThinkSpace” (your internal state of consciousness) and “MeatSpace” (the external world.) 

(Wanna learn more about the Magick Glasses ASAP? Download the Witch 101 Kit, fore free!)

Your Magick Mirror – Water
Magick Mirrors help reflect back the world around you, your internal world, and let you peek around the corners of potential futures (yours and others!)

Magickal items like tarot cards, oracle cards, runes, scrying crystals, and other divination type tools are Magick Mirrors.

Your Magick Compass – Earth
Magick Compasses help you navigate your experience in the material world, using fixed points, such as your birth date, birth time, birth certificate name, and current name (a semi-fixed point). These are “breadcrumbs” to follow in discovering why you’re exactly, precisely, uniquely you. 

Things like astrology, your numerology, and human design are Magick Compasses.

Your Magick Wand – Fire
Magick Wands help take your wishes from ThinkSpace into MeatSpace. You’ve got your own PERSONAL magick, unlike ANYONE ELSE.

Part of that is because you’ve got your own set of personal “correspondences” – things that you correlate with one another.

Some people might learn that “mountains” in a tarot card represent overcoming obstacles, but you grew UP on a mountain – so it represents home. 

You’ve got a lot of “pre-built-in” correspondences that are based on your life experience.

Any sort of spell crafting is a magick wand, because your spell crafting is unique to you, as are Magick Wands.

Your Magick Decoder Rings – Spirit
Decoder rings are “filing cabinets for the universe” – ways to “chunk” information, magickally speaking.

The Hermetic-tradition-based-version of the “Tree of Life” incorporates tarot, astrology, and more, to create a sort of “filing cabinet” of the universe, but it’s far from the only one – for example, the Pentacle could be considered a form of Decoder Ring.

Your Treasure Chest – Money (the secret sixth element)
Money is the secret sixth element that collapses time. (You purchase a computer – you “collapsed time” by not collecting and building the ingredients for yourself. You purchase coaching, you “collapse time” by not having to research and test for years on yourself, and so on.)

Any area that you can “collapse time” at is also part of your Treasure Chest.

I consider altars to be a form of “Treasure Chest”, but you don’t HAVE to use altars in your practice, but maybe a quiet spot in the woods where you lose time is YOUR Treasure Chest.

Putting it All Together

By “chunking” these areas of magick you’ll be learning about, you’ll be able to decide on a tool, play with it, add it to your backpack, and then move onto a new tool.

Collect one of each tool before adding more varieties of the tool in your backpack, and you’re well on your way to a well rounded education.

The skills you learn with each tool, and what resonates best for YOUR magick, is how you start to witch YOUR way.

You know you’re meant to do… something. You feel it deep, all the way from your head, deep in your jellies, and down your toes. But FFS, do you even REALLY fully know what it is?

Stop waiting for your destiny to happen, and MAKE it happen.  Click here to learn more!

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