It’s Gonna Be MAY! Tarot Spread

It’s that time of year again!  Our favorite ramen-haired pop star is back for another year of meme-ification. Yeah, this is totally one of my favorite memes, so much that I had to make a tarot spread. Grab your tarot deck (and your microphone if you need it) cause 🎵it’s gonna BE MAY!!!🎵

  1. All That I Do – What things did you focus on last month?
  2. Is Not Enough For You – What things are you not giving yourself? What physical or emotional support do you need?
  3. You Don’t Want To Lose It Again – What’s a skill you thought you lost, that you’d like to regain?
  4. But I’m Not Like Them – What makes you stand out from the crowd? 
  5. It’s Gonna be May – What things do you want to focus on this month?

If you like to keep a record of your tarot spreads (a practice I highly recommend!) – I’ve got a FREE printable for your studies!

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