Working with the Moon to make consistent magick in your life

Work with the moon to make consistent magick

Today, we’re talking about how to use the Moon Cycles (and astrology!) to make consistent change in your life.

Why? Because with the moon goes through ALL twelve astrology signs, in the New Moon and Full moon, every twelve months. 

AND – each sign covers a “realm” of your life. 

Prettttty darrrnnnn useful. 

Astrology Chunks

Astrology is pretty easy to understand – it’s essentially the 12 astrology signs, mixed in various mixtures (and connections) that form the astrological combination of you. 

If you’re new to my posts – something I’m INCREDIBLY passionate about is “learning how to learn” – not just LEARNING – but understanding the foundational structures TO learning, so you can learn faster and more efficiently. This is work that I really got into by way of Barbara Oakley and her free “Learning How to Learn” course. 

One thing from this “learning how to learn” is the idea of “chunks” – taking bigger things – and breaking it down into littler and littler parts. 

You understand the bigger “chunks”, and then the smaller “chunks” that make up those chunks, and then the smaller chunks that make up THOSE chunks, so on. 

Seeing the BIGGER PICTURE (like a completed piece of music) and seeing the individual measures of the song (for non-musicians: the itty-bitty parts of the song) – is vital to learning. 

Think of it this way – 5549325593. 

That’s hard to memorize. 


Those numbers, in itty bitty “chunks” – SO much easier to deal with. 

Astrology takes up all the glom of EVERYTHING that is “existence” and chunks it up in 12 easy to remember categories, aka the signs. 

Within a natal chart, each sign is the ruler of a “realm”, or arena/section of your life.

Our real life Captain America, Chris Evan’s, has a really interesting chart!

See the “pie” slices in the chart above? 

This is how your life is divided up into different “realms”, and the moon will go through each of your personal realms throughout the year. 

So – if you want to completely overhaul your life, follow how the moon moves throughout each of these realms. 

You can use the New Moon → Full Moon cycle to manifest and bring new things into being.

You can use the Full Moon → New Moon cycle to banish things. 

(The new & full moons themselves, and about 3-days after, being the most potent times to cast each of these types of spells. Some people like to look at the new moon as planting the seed, the full moon as harvesting the seed.)

There’s always a New/Full Moon

No matter what time of the year it is, there’s ALWAYS a New Moon or a Full Moon coming up.

Which means, there’s always 2 opportunities a month to just grab an area of your life and START making changes. 

If you want to REALLY change your life – make a point to prioritize doing rituals on the New Moon/Full Moon each month. 

And if you want to take it a step further – check out what “realm” of life the New & Full moon are doin’ their thang, in your natal chart. 

What’s super cool about tracking the New Moons & Full moons in their respective signs (and where they show up in your chart?)

You don’t have to stress out about HOW you’re going to keep a consistent routine with your magick.

You just follow the sign energy + realm of life energy, and create magick from that information.

Set reminders for the New Moon & Full moons, and see where it’s at in your natal chart to understand what areas you should be focusing on manifesting-the-good-shit, or banishing-the-bad-shit. 

To manifest the good shit – well, any sort of manifesting spell will do. 

To banish the bad shit – well, same deal. Any sort of banishing spell will do.

Example: Let’s check out Chris Evan’s chart above.

The recent Cancer new moon made an appearance at the 8th house in his life. The sign of cancer has everything to do with “feels” and emotions, that nurturing energy.

The 8th house (ruled by the sign of Scorpio) – is the area of life (“realm”) of sex, death, taxes, and the occult. This would be a good time for him to tap into any emotional baggage about – well – his emotions, and it’d be an amazing time to also release any baggage around sex/death/taxes/occult. 

I’m simplifying for the sake of this post with keywords – because you can get REALLY REALLY deep with this info (and that’s why I love it!)

But starting small is better than not starting at ALL.

Personally, I used to write a letter of the relevant stuff I wanted to banishing during the last Cancer *full* moon, and burn it – and honestly burning ANY sort of ANYTHING when you’re trying to release something? *chef’s kiss*

You know you’re meant to do… something. You feel it deep, all the way from your head, deep in your jellies, and down your toes. But FFS, do you even REALLY fully know what it is?

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