Make consistent magick with tarot

Make consistent magick with tarot

You can use tarot consistently for magick in the most obvious on the-tin-way – just picking a a card and looking up the meaning.

Boom, ya magick’d for the day.

Ya get a cookie.

And hopefully not the tower card.

I promise you, it’s not scary, just another part of the journey.

Now – the more FUN thing is using tarot (or your oracle card) as a way to see how everything is connected to everything…

By way of using your daily divination to INSPIRE you to take magickal action.

Getting creative with casting spells isn’t hard – and doing little daily spells (especially since I teach from a “let’s teach your brain grooves a new boogie so you can start living the life you WANT instead living life on autopilot”) – IS FUN.

Tarot cards (just always assume I’m saying “tarot and oracle and etc etc” from here on out, 😂) – are a GREAT idea starter for creating your own magick.

Pull a card – and LOOK at it – really look at it.

What colors are on it – does that inspire you to wear a certain outfit for the day and embody the meanings of that color?

What symbols are on it – does that inspire any ideas for spells – either by the ACTUAL symbol, or the themes the symbol inspires?

Are there people, characters, animals on the card? What are they doing? Could those actions, those emotions – etc – inspire something to do for a little spell?

Pick ONE intention word that comes from the card, turn it into a little sigil, cast it off into the wind (or keep it around if you wanna charm your objects with the sigil.)

And if the card you got was tower, use the power word “Transformation” – cause the card doesn’t have to be a BAD thing. Rise from the ashes my little phoenixes, you!

Transformation of the old, birth the the new, that’s the magickal cycle, baby!

Magick is about seeing how “everything is connected to everything” and using it to your advantage to get the results you want in your life.

(Well, that’s my way of looking at it – in this particular post – come back in a few posts and we’ll see if I’ve changed my mind.) 

Tarot daily draws don’t have too be a snoozefest of “okay now I have to look up what this means in the book” – FUCK IT.

What does it mean to YOU, TODAY.

What does the card say based on who’s on the card, how are they feeling. What’s small on the card. What’s large? Stop just looking up the book, and use it as a JUMPING OFF POINT for your creativity.

And what can you use from this and what you’ve got on hand to make some magick, today?

It’s okay to add your LAYERS of meaning to the official meanings – having these layers to tap into will allow you to dig deep into YOUR intuition, which the cards are just a conduit for helping you GTFO of your own way.

And btw – if you want to track what you’re doing with all this on-the-fly spellcasting and cross-reference it with your daily draws and ALL sorts of other “everything-connected-to-everything” goodness, minus the headache – check out my Witchypedia template – made for you to MOVE with your magick.

You know you’re meant to do… something. You feel it deep, all the way from your head, deep in your jellies, and down your toes. But FFS, do you even REALLY fully know what it is?

Stop waiting for your destiny to happen, and MAKE it happen.  Click here to learn more!

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