Get the course now!
Get the course now!

Instantly Interpret any tarot & oracle card you see

You get a new card deck. You’re overwhelmed.

So much to memorize. Maybe it’s just you’re new to tarot? 

Maybe you got a whole ass new oracle with it’s own unique system and you stare blankly…


What if you could upgrade your tarot & oracle card skills to instantly interpret ANY card or card spread….

Oh yeah. and what if you could do this in less than one day?


If you’re tired of not knowing WTF the cards mean, if you know you want to completely trust that you’re getting accurate readings…


What if you could trust you knew what the cards were saying to you?

What if you felt confident in your intuition, that you knew what the cards were saying to you no matter WHAT card from WHAT deck you drew, so you could read for yourself and others with ease?

What if, in just literally one afternoon (YES REALLY) – you could go from feeling like you have NO clue how spreads work and how tarot & oracle cards work – to putting together custom unique spread son the fly and having a RICH knowledge of any card based on your own deep personal magick and subconscious?


If you wanna learn how to upgrade your intuition and card slingin’ skills – READ ON.

DO you ever just draw a blank when you lay out a card spread?

You look at the card and a big question mark appears over your head.

So you reach for the trust book meaning – but you’re not sure how it relates to the question you asked, the position it’s in your spread, or how to actually gleam REAL meaning from it.

What you want is to feel confident you know what you’re doing when reading for others…

And certain you’re not just TELLING yourself whatever you want to hear when reading for yourself. 

Maybe you’re asking yourself:

  • “How am I gonna memorize all these meanings?”
  • “How do I know I’m actually getting the correct information?”
  • “How can I just trust my intuition is correct when it comes to reading tarot & oracle cards?”
  • “What if I’m just making this all up?”

Let's take a sneak peek into your future...

Imagine knowing that you were getting the right intuitive hits without worrying that you are “getting it right.”

What else would happen? Well let’s check the future…

  • You’ll get to know your cards on a more intimate level.
  • You’ll develop deeper trust with your intuition in card reading (and in life!)
  • You’ll strengthen your witchy (psychic?!) gifts!
  • You’ll get into a FLOW with your reading without stopping to pause to wonder “am I doing this right?”
  • You’ll move past perfection and into ACTUALLY just READING the DAMN CARDS.

Are you ready to trust your intuition?

If you’re ready to trust your intuition and master your card slingin’ skills… get ready for “Instantly Interpret Tarot” – a mini-course designed to get you out of your head and into your inner knowing when it comes to tarot, oracle, and any other cartomancy you come across!

Instant Access to “Instantly Interpret Tarot” includes the following lessons & more:

  • 🎴Instantly Interpret Any Card🎴
  • 🃏Cardslingin’ Cleverness🃏
  • 🤔Intuitive Interpretations🤔 
  • 🧠Memorization Methods🧠 
  • 👯‍♀️Interactions and Spreads👯‍♀️ 
  • 🧚‍♀️Tarot & Oracle Card Exercises🧚‍♀️
  • 🔮Getting Into Flowy Trance States🔮
  • 🗂 Instantly Interpret Tarot Activities🗂
  • 🌈How I Do A Rainbow Reading🌈
  • BONUS: 👁The Ten Minute Tarot Meditation👁
  • BONUS: 🖨The Tarot This Journal! Printable🖨
  • BONUS: 🗃The “Instantly Interpret Tarot Exercises Database”🗃
  • BONUS: Access to my secret, very sparkly Facebook group, the🌲Sparklemore Scouts!🌲

Let's look at what's inside...

An In-Depth Look inside Instantly Interpret Tarot

Instantly Interpret Any Card

In this lesson is the  Ten Minute Tarot meditation bonus – which will literally help you to INSTANTLY interpret any card, plus a PDF download explaining the method. 

Use this method so you NEVER get stuck wondering “Do I need to grab the book and get the official meaning?” – this is the quickest way to dive into your subconscious and intuition.

Cardslingin’ Cleverness

This lesson breaks down tips and tricks to read the cards in empowering ways, including asking better questions, how to read reversals, and more so you can feel good about your interpretations.

Intuitive Interpretations

Part of interpreting cards is trusting your intuition, but how do you do that?

What you learn from this lesson is understanding how to tap into your intuition as it relates to reading tarot and oracle cards – including the “Golden Compass” method and how you can apply the “CRAP” method from graphic design to understand your cards…

All this so you can know that you and your intuition are on the same page when it comes to the cards.

Memorization Methods

In tarot alone there’s 78 cards to memorize, and add in countless oracle decks all with unique meanings – how ever will you trust that you just KNOW the cards?

Get out of your own way and learn how brain science works when it comes to learning how to learn cartomancy (including the “Card Calculator” method for tarot).

In this lesson you’ll get information on ways to memorize any card that comes your way so you can feel confident in your card slingin’.

Interactions and Spreads

It’s all well and dandy when you’ve got an individual card in front of you. It’s a whole other thing when you’ve got cards tossed all across your desk all telling a story that YOU get to unlock.

This lesson gives you the tools to interpret cards as they relate to each other in the spread you’ve laid out so you don’t feel “stuck” in your readings.

Tarot & Oracle Card Exercises

Now that you’ve learned how to interpret and memorize cards and read them in a spread, take your card learning even deeper with some of my favorite exercises (including my fave, the “Layers of Tarot” exercise) and the “Instantly Interpret Tarot Exercises Notion Database” for additional ways to play with and get to know your cards so you can deepen your connection to each card you come across.

Getting Into Flowy Trance States

This is what takes you from good card slinger to GREAT card slinger – being able to toss your brain out and just channel information while being in the flow of reading the cards.

Instantly Interpret Tarot Activities

These are 3 lessons of activities that you can work through to really enrich what you’ve learned, that you’ll earn digital merit badges for when you complete each one – this is so you’ll go beyond just watching videos and actually pull out your cards and USE what you’re currently learning.

How I Do A Rainbow Reading

Watch me lay out and interpret a spread using what I taught you in this course so you can see how all these pieces fit together in an actual reading.

What makes Instantly Interpret Tarot Different

What makes Instantly Interpret Tarot different from all the tarot courses out there?

This isn’t JUST about learning a very regimented system of tarot cards.

This is about learning how to interpret any and all cards that come your way. 

Even if it’s a random card you find on the street or a postcard with art… YOU CAN INTERPRET IT!


In this course you’ll learn methods like “The Golden Compass Method” and “Layers of Tarot” alongside plenty of fun exercises included in the Instantly Interpret Tarot exercises database for new and unique ways to develop a deeper relationship with your cards.

I also created a fun “Merit Badges” system that incorporates activities and digital merit badges so you are motivated to get involved with what you’ve learned, beyond just watching videos.

Instant Access to “Instantly Interpret Tarot” includes the following lessons & more:

  • 🎴Instantly Interpret Any Card🎴
  • 🃏Cardslingin’ Cleverness🃏
  • 🤔Intuitive Interpretations🤔 
  • 🧠Memorization Methods🧠 
  • 👯‍♀️Interactions and Spreads👯‍♀️ 
  • 🧚‍♀️Tarot & Oracle Card Exercises🧚‍♀️
  • 🔮Getting Into Flowy Trance States🔮
  • 🗂Instantly Interpret Tarot Activities🗂
  • 🌈How I Do A Rainbow Reading lesson🌈
  • BONUS: 👁The Ten Minute Tarot Meditation👁
  • BONUS: 🖨The Tarot This Journal! Printable🖨
  • BONUS: 🗃The “Instantly Interpret Tarot Exercises Database”🗃
  • BONUS: Access to my secret, very sparkly Facebook group, the🌲Sparklemore Scouts!🌲

And this course comes with the following awesome Bonuses!

Ten Minute Tarot Meditation MP3

The “Ten Minute Tarot” meditation applies the “Instantly Interpret Tarot” method: a guided visual journey into the card. Even if you’ve never read the card before, you’re going to get something out of your subconscious using this method & meditation!

The "Instantly Interpret Tarot Exercises" Database

A Notion database of 15+ additional tarot/oracle card exercises. This unique blend of tried and tested exercises will help you get to know your card decks on a much more intimate level. 

Tarot This Journal! Printable

Get to know your cards on a whole new level. Instead of typical spreads, this printable is dedicate to getting you to see your cards from the view points of colors, symbols, talking to the cards and asking them questions, and more.

You’ll also get bonus access to my private Facebook Group

This group is home to everyone who’s helped support our magick so far, aka the Sparklemore Scouts. 

Meet other people who want to sparkle, and make magick as much as you do. 

(And you’ll get access to exclusive freebies that I don’t offer ANYWHERE else.) 


Who the heck am I to be teaching you this?

Hi, I’m Cherry, and I started my card slingin’ journey about 25 years ago when I was 13 years old…

And then I stopped – because I couldn’t CONNECT  with my tarot deck. Using the “by the book” method left me confused, unsure of my interpretations, and no trust in my intuition.

11 years later, I picked up a deck of faery oracle cards and WHOOSH. Prods, pokes, pings, and accurate readings abound – even while “on-book.”

Then another 9 years later, I bought the Prisma Visions tarot deck, stuck it in a makeup bag, and I was off to the races with tarot again.

Since then, I’ve invested in multiple tarot and oracle decks, and found that I have a real natural gift for card slingin’. 

Turns out, my years of graphic and web design worked hand in hand with my unique way of reading cards – understanding how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and helping so many clients get unstuck and unblocked with my unique way of reading.

If you want to gain three whole up-levels to your card slingin’ skills, SERIOUSLY, get this course.


What's the deal on refunds?

As this is a digital experience that’s meant to be taken and implemented in the process of an afternoon (and you’ll also be getting a copy of all the meditation, printable, and exercises database) this course isn’t returnable due to it’s quick consumable nature. 

That being said, you’re going to learn SO much from this course even if you implement only a tiny bit of what you learn!

How can I GUARANTEE this will work?

While in life there are no guarantees – my goal is small but mighty: You’ll be able to trust your intuition when it comes to what the cards are telling you. Many of these exercises are designed to put you in touch with what the cards mean TO YOU. 

And don’t worry – I haven’t forgotten the importance of “official meanings” – that’s what the “Memorization Methods” lesson is about. This lesson involves actual neuroscience based information to help you use your brain HOW your brain is meant to be used. 

This is the type of course where you get what you put into it – if you watch the lessons, complete the activities, use the exercises database, and fill out your Tarot This Journal! PDF, you’re going to gain so much knowledge in how YOU like to sling cards. 

How does this work?

This is a study-at-your-pace course with approximately 2 hours of learning materials, plus activities to practice slingin’ cards that you’ll get over at my school of magick: Sparklemore Academy.

Between the learning materials an activities, you’re going to get new techniques and hands-on practice with all sorts of new ways of practicing cards.

Do I have to already know tarot & oracle cards to take this course?

Nope, even if you’re a complete newbie to cards and just brought home your first deck, you’re going to get a WEALTH of information about how to interpret cards using YOUR intuition – which will help you build trust with yourself AND know that you’re getting an accurate connection with your subconscious.

What happens once I purchase?

You get two emails – one from me and one from Sparklemore Academy, our School of Magick.

From there, you’ll have a “magick key” from Sparklemore’s email that will get you past the front gates & into the school. From there, you can start interpreting all the cards with Instantly Interpret Tarot

Okay, but can I really instantly interpret tarot with this coursE?

That’s the goal! That’s why the first lesson I give you includes the Ten Minute Tarot meditation – if you only ever use JUST this technique, you’ll gain SO MUCH EASE when it comes to communicating with your subconscious about what the cards mean to YOU. 

And, I include SO MUCH MORE – this is such a small and mighty course with exactly everything you need to read cards right away.

Not sure if Instantly Interpret Tarot is for you?

This mini-course is a perfect fit for you if you:

  • Want to feel confident in ANY card that comes your way
  • Want to become besties with your intuition and trust your “pings”
  • Want to trust that you’re going to have something useful to say even without a book in hand
  • Even if you’re old-hat at slingin’ cards, there’s unique tools and tricks in this mini-course you literally WILL NOT LEARN ANYWHERE ELSE 

This mini-course is not the right fit for you if:

  • You’re expecting an in-depth look at JUST the tarot cards and their individual meanings. That’s a future thing I’ll make, but that’s not this course.
  • You’re not into practicing the things you learn about – don’t get me wrong you can get a lot JUST from watching the lessons, but part of the fun of learning cardslingin’ is actually SLINGIN’ SOME DAMN CARDS
  • You hate slingin’ cards. Why are you on this sales page? 😂

imagine if you trusted what the cards were saying to you... and where that can lead

Imagine if you fully trusted that your intuition was on point – not just for slingin’ cards, but in life?

The techniques you learn in this course (and APPLYING them with your cards) will help you develop a deeper trust as you get more and more accurate readings for yourself and others.

The ability to understand your subconscious (which is what the best card slingin’ is about) is an invaluable skill that will help you transform SO many other areas of your life – your creativity, your passions, and CREATING your future as opposed to letting life happen to you.

Do you wanna start balancing your inner life through the help of tarot & oracle cards? Get this course!

Instant Access to “Instantly Interpret Tarot” includes the following lessons & more:

  • 🎴Instantly Interpret Any Card🎴
  • 🃏Cardslingin’ Cleverness🃏
  • 🤔Intuitive Interpretations🤔 
  • 🧠Memorization Methods🧠 
  • 👯‍♀️Interactions and Spreads👯‍♀️ 
  • 🧚‍♀️Tarot & Oracle Card Exercises🧚‍♀️
  • 🔮Getting Into Flowy Trance States🔮
  • 🗂Instantly Interpret Tarot Activities🗂
  • 🌈How I Do A Rainbow Reading lesson🌈
  • BONUS: 👁The Ten Minute Tarot Meditation👁
  • BONUS: 🖨The Tarot This Journal! Printable🖨
  • BONUS: 🗃The “Instantly Interpret Tarot Exercises Database”🗃
  • BONUS: Access to my secret, very sparkly Facebook group, the🌲Sparklemore Scouts!🌲

Wanna know more about me & my work? Go to to find out more.

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