"Can someone PLEASE just tell me how to be a witch already?"

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Digital Witch Kit

New to magick? Here's some of my favorite digital tools to help you along your journey into the Magickal Wilderness.

Book of Shadows

This Book of Shadows printable is an upgrade to your standard blank notebook - full of ways to track your spells and stickers!

Tarot Cheat Sheet

A quick reference guide to all of the keywords in the tarot, use this instead of breaking out the books while you're learing meanings!

Who is Cherry?

I’m Cherry, aka your Cherry Godmother🍒

I’m not quite like the other fairy godmothers – I’m more like a Ms. Frizzle meets Mary Poppins (with a pinch of Elvira).

The goal? Teaching you how to double-dutch between skepticism and spirituality so you can navigate the Magickal Wilderness, grant your own wishes, and kick start the next leg of your witchy journey.

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