Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Tarot Spread

One of my ABSOLUTE favorite shows is BACK! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, for those who aren’t here because you love this show, is a musical about Rebecca Bunch. She moved from New York to 🎵West Covina (Californiiiiiaaaaaa)🎵 – after her sweetheart from camp, Josh Chan. This spread is inspired by the show.

  1. New York – What’s making you miserable?
  2. Josh – What do you think will make your life better?
  3. West Covina – What would actually make your life better?
  4. Big Musical Number – What do you should do to montage your way toward a better life?
  5. Rebecca – What are some of the ways you self-sabotage?

If you like to keep a record of your tarot spreads (a practice I highly recommend!) – I’ve got a FREE printable for your studies!

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