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All About Tarot! – The Witchy Review

Welcome back to The Witchy Review! Today’s episode is All About the Tarot! In this episode is an introduction to tarot,...

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It’s Gonna Be MAY! Tarot Spread

It’s that time of year again!  Our favorite ramen-haired pop star is back for another year of meme-ification. Yeah, th...

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How To Create Magickal Music Mixes for Tarot, Oracle, and Spellwork

As y’all remember, I super duper love making playlists – and my weapon of choice is Spotify. You can apply any of...

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Hocus Pocus – The Witchy Review

Welcome to our first episode of The Witchy Review! This is a series where I, your Cherry Godmother, compare fictional magic t...

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Tarot Spread

One of my ABSOLUTE favorite shows is BACK! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, for those who aren’t here because you love this show, i...

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