Why hello there, Fizzy!


I’m your Cherry Godmother! Welcome to Majorly Arcana, a realm of magick. My goal at Majorly Arcana is to make magick accessible to everyone. 

The old ways, the new ways, and the yet to be created ways of magick are all fascinating – let’s explore them, together!

You’ve always been magick!

You’ve felt the call, you know that YOU ARE MAGICK! 

You’ve been magick every day with every thought and action – a small ripple from deep within you radiating outward into the life you currently have.

Might as well learn how to wield your power and make magick on purpose. 

Awaken Your Power.

Embrace Your Magick.

The world is changing and you feel the pull of a magickal life. I’m here to guide you on your journey. Think of me (and this site) like your kick ass big sister, ready to dispense advice and wisdom and help you figure out where you wanna go.

Magick is a very personal journey. While I can be your guide, it’s up to you to start testing your magickal experiments. I’ll curate the information – but you still gotta put it into action!

Get Started Right now

Want to get started, like literally right now? 

Check out my blog post on 10 Ways to get Started in Magick to start learning right now

About Tiffany

Hi, I’m Tiffany and I’m a Pop Art Witch.

I’m also the human behind Cherry Godmother and the content on this website. 

Cherry’s a bit of a cartoon character (okay, maybe sometimes literally) – and I portray her on YouTube, on this site, and everywhere else! 

We all have things we’re gifted at in magick, and I’m no different. I’m a 2nd generation witch and I love to teach magick. 

I combine the best of witchcraft and self development for rapid emotional growth. I’ve been experimenting on myself so I can clearly explain the different, easiest and most efficient ways to try things so you can start throwing spaghetti at the wall of your personal consciousness and see what sticks. 

Learn more about me and my projects at Pop Art Witch.